Chris Arsenault

Chris Arsenault is the interim Managing Editor of VICE News Canada. Before joining VICE he was a senior producer for Al Jazeera English in Qatar and a correspondent for the Reuters Foundation covering Brazil and the Rome-based United Nations agencies. He has held the Wolfson Press Fellowship at Cambridge University and the inaugural Forestry Journalism Fellowship at the University of British Columbia. In 2015, he won gold at the UN Correspondents awards in New York for his investigative reporting on stolen food aid in Syria and land grabs in Mali. 

World Press Freedom Day

Canada's press freedom threatened by demands to reveal confidential sources

A Supreme Court case involving VICE News reporter Ben Makuch highlights the lack of protection for correspondence between sources and journalists.
Chris Arsenault

This trial could determine the future of public healthcare in Canada

Vancouver surgeon launches constitutional challenge asking for expanded private health insurance and for-profit clinics.
Chris Arsenault
environmental crimes

Husky Energy is on trial for spilling 225,000 litres of oil into a river

The company could face a fine of $1 million and other charges during a court battle in Saskatchewan.
Chris Arsenault

Here’s what Uruguay has learned when it comes to legalizing weed

After becoming the first country to legalize cannabis the sky has not fallen but problems over securing supply and bank access continue.
Chris Arsenault

Canada will send peacekeepers to Mali in the UN’s most dangerous mission

The year-long commitment includes six helicopters, an undisclosed number of troops and no clear goal of what a successful mission would look like.
Chris Arsenault
private security

The quiet quadrupling of Canada’s private security sector

Editor's note: From training special forces to policing protests, VICE News explores Canada's growing private security industry.
Chris Arsenault
private security

These government files show how a private security firm bungled pipeline protests

Canada’s private security industry has grown four-fold since 1970 and this review shows what can go wrong when officials outsource political surveillance.
Chris Arsenault

Big Pharma is profiting from both opioids and overdose treatments

“Companies are cynically profiting from both ends of the crisis”
Chris Arsenault
Scramble for the Arctic

Canada welcomes China’s plan to build a “Polar Silk Road” in the Arctic

Climate change means new access to resources and shipping routes as analysts downplay risk of geopolitical confrontation
Chris Arsenault
The Business of Weed

The politics of pot lobbying

These are some of the former bureaucrats and political insiders now working for Big Weed in Canada ​
Chris Arsenault
The Business of Weed

Canada's weed stocks are out of control

“There is so much hype and overvalue that a lot of investors who get into this now will get taken and robbed"
Chris Arsenault

Vancouver meeting on North Korea is "destructive", Russia warns

China wonders why Ethiopia and Colombia are attending talks with Canada and the U.S. over North Korea's nuclear program.
Chris Arsenault