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The Email Scammers Who Use Voodoo to Fleece Their Victims

We spoke to director Ben Asamoah about his new documentary, 'Sakawa'.
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the vice interview

Desiree Akhavan Doesn't Mind Being A Hollywood Outsider

We spoke to the writer, actor and director of 'The Bisexual' and 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' fame, about… well, loads of things.
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The Story of the Most Wanted Gun in Britain

We spoke to the makers of the new documentary 'Gun No 6'.
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The Companies Cleaning the Internet, and the Dark Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

We spoke to the documentary-makers behind 'The Cleaners'.
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Sheffield's Youngest Ever Mayor Is Everything Middle England Hates

Magid Magid wants more young people to get into politics.
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On The Road with...

Meet IDLES, Punk's Most Savage Good Boys

I got my ears and heart pummelled by the blistering Bristol five-piece, at the start of their first US tour.
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The ‘Lady Bird’ Score Composer Has Worked With Everyone in Music

Look, Jon Brion is just good at this shit. We spoke to him about collaborating with Greta Gerwig, Elliott Smith, Kanye and more.
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We Spoke to Armando Iannucci About Stalin, Weinstein and Alan Partridge

Ahead of the release of his latest directorial feature, 'The Death of Stalin'.
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I Tried to Interview Richard Lewis About 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and He Threatened to Hunt Me Down

"Were you in a sauna getting a blowjob while you were preparing for this interview?"
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Glastonbury 2017

Don't Take LSD There for the First Time and Other Top Glastonbury Tips

I've been doing to the festival basically every year since I was eight. Let me help you.
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How Liam Gallagher’s Manchester Gig Cemented the City’s Solidarity

We spoke to punters in the queue before watching the show in aid of the families affected by last week's bombing.
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Important Questions Raised By...

Does Anyone Still Give a Shit About Record Store Day?

Has it been ruined by major label releases and weasels flipping everything on eBay or is it still "Christmas" for music fans? We asked the people of Sheffield.
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