Daniel Oberhaus

I report on (astro/nuclear/quantum) physics, artificial intelligence, space exploration, the future of energy, DIY tech/open source development, and the psychedelic renaissance. 


Who Killed the American Demoscene?

I went to Synchrony, one of the US's last active demoparties, where programmers showcase artistic audiovisual works made in marathon coding sessions.
Daniel Oberhaus
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

The Decline of American Peyote

The small, bulbous peyote cactus is central to the religious rituals of the Native American Church, but poaching and unsustainable harvesting practices put it at risk of extinction in the United States.
Daniel Oberhaus

How a 1980 Bank Robbery Sparked the Militarization of America's Police

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions love cops with lots of army gear—the legacy of a $20,000 heist that became a political weapon.
Daniel Oberhaus
conspiracy theories

There's a Complicated Conspiracy Theory About Brand New Floating Around

The band’s latest album ‘Science Fiction’ has been the subject of conspiracies from the start. But is the latest mystery just a troll from people with too much time on their hands?
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Homepage

The Totally Normal Town Where Everyone Worked on Weapons of Mass Destruction

A 1954 report from the birthplace of the atomic bomb wants you to know that everything is totally “normal” in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Most Toxic Nuclear Facility in the US Is in Lockdown

3,000 workers are sheltering as an emergency is declared at a nuclear facility in Washington State.
Daniel Oberhaus

Meet the Lawyers Defending the Right to Use Ayahuasca Around the Globe

By protecting the drug's status as medicine, they're helping to legitimize psychedelics, and potentially inspire more humane drug policies.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Four Hundred People Microdosed LSD for a Month in the Name of Science

Drugs! For Science!
Daniel Oberhaus
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Two Years Later, Vision Scientists Are Still Studying the Dress

Yes, that dress.
Daniel Oberhaus

Inside the Loneliest Five-Star Restaurant in the World

You can eat foie gras at Antarctica's Concordia Station, but your closest neighbor is the International Space Station and you might not see oranges for three months.
Daniel Oberhaus
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OK, WTF Is a Time Crystal?

Physicists have made a new phase of matter called a time crystal—but what does that even mean?
Daniel Oberhaus

This Neuroscientist Wants to Know Why People Who See UFOs Feel So Good

Most scientists dismiss ufology, the study of UFOs, as a pseudoscience. Dr. Bob Davis wants to change that.
Daniel Oberhaus