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World Cup

Is Cheating in Soccer More Acceptable in Some Countries than Others?

There have long been stereotypes that some cultures are OK with diving and other more controversial bits of gamesmanship, but that may not actually be the case.
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world cup 2018

Iranian Women Fight for Right to be Soccer Fans at the World Cup

A group of nine fans have travelled to the World Cup to protest against the rules banning women from stadiums back home during each of Iran’s matches.
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pyeongchang 2018

What It’s Like to Represent a Tiny Country With No Snow at the Winter Olympics

"One day, I got a message on my personal Facebook account from the Togolese federation saying they wanted to build a team."
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Pyeongchang Olympics

Noriaki Kasai is the World's Oldest Ski Jumper and a Goddamn Legend

Kasai, 45, just competed in his eighth Winter Olympics. In Poland, a rap song has been recorded about his feats, while in Finland, a punk band has dedicated a track to him.
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pyeongchang 2018

Still Cool, Still Running: Jamaica Has Kept Bobsled Alive for 30 Years

Despite lack of funds (and snow) bobsled has stayed alive for thirty years on the island and now Jamaica is sending its first women's team to PyeongChang 2018.
David Cox

How Magnus Carlsen is Making Chess Cool and Wearing His Rivals Down

While Kasparov had his aura, it's Carlsen's resilience under pressure and deep understanding of the game that make him the opponent everyone hates to face.
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Nigerian Table Tennis Had Their Best Olympics Ever, But Their Sport Is in Danger

Even after a successful run at the Rio Games, Nigeria's table-tennis stars are worried the sport is losing traction at home.
David Cox

How Kenyan Javelin Thrower Julius Yego Mastered His Sport By Watching YouTube Videos

Julius Yego grew up in a country that prizes long distance running over all other events—so he started watching online videos at a cyber cafe to master the javelin.
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For Greek Olympians, Austerity Has Been Costly

Just 12 years after the Athens Games, Greek Olympians have had to find alternate ways to fund their training for—and even their travel to—Rio.
David Cox

Inside Wimbledon's Black Market Ticket Trade

Ticket scalpers are as much a part of Wimbledon as strawberries and cream.
David Cox

Why Do People Keep Threatening Tennis Players with Violence On Social Media?

As betting on tennis has increased dramatically, so has the volume death threats from scorned gamblers to tennis players via social media.
David Cox

Will MySpace Ever Successfully Get Resurrected?

Today, Myspace embodies an unexpected aspect of online business culture: eternal optimism. The people currently in charge of the site imagine that with a little luck it could return to its current glory, even if no one else thinks so.
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