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How ICE Is Spreading Coronavirus Across the Country

“Social distancing goes out the window” when detainees are moved repeatedly, via bus or plane, between facilities.
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Jika Gonzalez

Homeless Families Are Taking Over Vacant Homes to Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

A group of families in Los Angeles are occupying vacant homes owned by Caltrans, the state transit authority, in the East LA neighborhood of El Sereno.
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Inside an ICE Detention Center in a Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘We’re All Alone in Here. Things Are Getting Ugly.’

All José can do is watch what he can only assume is the virus moving through the room from bed to bed where he can’t help but live.
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2 Coronavirus Cases in New Jersey Prison With ICE Detainees

The Hudson County Corrections and Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey, which houses both county inmates and ICE detainees, has been placed on lockdown for two weeks.
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Belle Cushing
Mass Shootings

Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common

The largest study of mass shooters ever funded by the U.S. government reveals stunning information about perpetrators.
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Tess Owen

Mexico Is Caving to Trump on Immigration

“They’re just doing what the U.S. tells them to do, which is regulating migration.”
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Here’s what you need to know about the attempted coup in Venezuela

The future of Venezuela could be determined in the next few days.
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Trump's plan to deter asylum seekers is creating a brand-new border crisis

Migrants will be forced back to Mexican border cities, which can have the same problems of violence and poverty they were fleeing from in the first place
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Everything you need to know about what’s happening in Venezuela

A 35-year-old politician has declared himself interim president.
David Gilbert
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How Brazil’s business elite helped elect its new far-right president

Jair Bolsonaro won as an anti-establishment outsider — but he had the help of the most powerful establishment players of all
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Police are still working with ICE in sanctuary cities

“If I feel that calling the police is going to lead to my detention or my family's detention, why would I do that?" said Eréndira Randón
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Why Mexico really picked AMLO: Narco violence, corruption, and "the mafia of power"

“López Obrador was able to personify anti-corruption in a way that nobody else could.”
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