Ellis Jones

Editor-in-Chief, VICE Magazine

The Stupid Issue

VICE Magazine’s Stupid Issue Celebrates Stories That Are Entertaining, Goofy, and Just Plain Dumb

It features a defense of Billy Joel’s music, a Q&A with comedian Sarah Squirm, highlights the mad geniuses of parody porn, and more.
Ellis Jones
The Photo Issue 2019

VICE Magazine’s Photo Issue is a Celebration of the Absurd, the Lighthearted, and the Humorous

As much as we need to be informed, engaged, and aware, we also need to laugh. This year’s photo issue champions the people making art with a sense of humor. See it as your own personal reset button.
Ellis Jones

Unseen Photos Chronicle the Complex Friendship of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

The upcoming book 'Warhol on Basquiat' offers a fascinating look at the lives of two modern art icons.
Ellis Jones

What Art School Kids Looked Like in the Late-90s

Matthew Finn's upcoming book, 'School of Art', chronicles what all those clothes you're buying on Depop looked like 20 years ago.
Ellis Jones
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Take a Trip through VICE Magazine's Latest Issue

The Burnout and Escapism Issue explores the correlation between mental health and the deep desire to escape from it all through drugs.
Ellis Jones
The 2017 Music Issue

VICE Magazine and Noisey's Second Annual Music Issue Is Now Online

We talk to 2 Chainz, Mija, CupcakKe, Dave, the Pink Room Project, and more in this year's music issue.
Ellis Jones
the VICE magazine podcast

A History of One of the Most Star-Studded 'Simpsons' Episodes

On this episode of the VICE Magazine Podcast, Dan Ozzi discusses why "Homerpalooza" made it cool to be too old to rock.
Ellis Jones
the VICE magazine podcast

Why It's Time to Get a Fanny Pack

On this episode of the VICE Magazine Podcast, we find out why the 80s staple is making a comeback and talk to Krishna Andavolu about the stigma around mothers who smoke marijuana while pregnant.
Ellis Jones
the VICE magazine podcast

Young, Up-and-Coming Photographers Talk About Their Idols

VICE photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom describes why we chose the concept of "idols" as this year's photo issue on the VICE Magazine Podcast.
Ellis Jones
the VICE magazine podcast

Naomi Harris Talks About Photographing US Voters in Trump's First 100 Days

We also speak with Abdullah Saeed about his trek to find hallucinogenic honey in Nepal, and Sharif Corinaldi explains why computer programmers are hacking their way through dating apps on the VICE Magazine Podcast.
Ellis Jones

​The April Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

We spend 72 hours at Hasidic Burning Man, sit down with poet Patricia Lockwood, and more.
Ellis Jones

Check Out the Second Episode of the VICE Magazine Podcast

This month, we talk about Greek anarchists helping refugees, Vince Staples's relationship with the media, the likelihood of hitting the lottery, and much more.
Ellis Jones