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Drunk Brags

Can a Human Eat 50 McNuggets in a Single Sitting? An Investigation

A high school buddy of mine claimed to eat 50 McDonald's nugs every night while drinking. I put that drunk brag to the test.
Graham Isador
6 hours ago

We Accidentally Helped Start This Guy's Porn Career

Andy Black says he has two things to thank for his career in porn. His nine-inch hog, and a VICE story.
Graham Isador
2 days ago

This Former Sex Worker Reviewed the Terrible Johns That Reviewed Her

Andrea Werhun has turned the tables on escort review boards, where ‘hobbyists’ treat sex work like a Yelp review.
Graham Isador
mental health

The Sobering Lessons Behind the Death of Porn Star August Ames

Jon Ronson’s new podcast explores the death of Canadian August Ames, who died by suicide amid a cyberbullying campaign against her.
Graham Isador

The 56 Times We Told My Grandfather That My Grandmother Was Dead

Now that she’s gone, our family is only beginning to understand their codependent life together.
Graham Isador

System of a Down's Serj Tankian on Making Music for a Revolution

We sat down with Serj and 'I Am Not Alone' director Garin Hovannisian following their new doc's TIFF premiere.
Graham Isador
mental health

My Painful Attempt at Treating My Depression Through Online Therapy

I was drowning in my hectic schedule, and online therapy just felt like one more thing to do.
Graham Isador
Indigenous issues

Indigenous Artists Tell Us What They Think About Land Acknowledgements

Cultural events in Canada often start with a statement to recognize the gathering is taking place on Indigenous land. Here's what five Indigenous artists think of the practice.
Graham Isador

What My 64-Year-Old Mom’s First Dance Recital Taught Me About Grief

After my dad died, my mom worried about being alone. Her unexpected new hobby showed me how far we’ve come.
Graham Isador

The Worst Things People Have Been Asked to Do When Applying for a Job

“We were asked to do improv games in a group interview. The job was working in a bar."
Graham Isador

What It's Like to Have Your First Professional Fight at 39

After nearly dying as a rock star, my life took a dramatic turn.
Robin Black
The Worst Bar in Town

I Tried To Find the Worst Bar in Niagara Falls

There’s a dark underbelly to my tourist trap of a hometown, and I went in search of it.
Graham Isador