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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Expected 'Something in Return' from Women in Bizarre 70s TV Skit

The disgraced (and now convicted) comedian peppered his work throughout the years with bits that hinted at sexual predation.
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true crime

Haunted Photos of Famous New York Crime Scenes Then and Now

A mob boss could have been dismembered at your local Starbucks.
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How Cuban Stand-Up Comics Spin Censorship and Poverty into Jokes

In Cuba, comedy provides a family-friendly refuge from an everyday life, and an opportunity to inch up to the line of what no one can say out loud.
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The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Writers Who Make Presidents Funny

Behind every famous politician is a comedy writer or two in charge of making sure that he or she has a sense of humour.
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Inside the Luxury Fat Camp for America's Wealthy Dogs

The Morris Animal Inn includes a heated indoor pool, a gym equipped with canine treadmills, and dog yoga sessions.
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A Lot Less Mayhem: Tas Pappas on Family, Church, and Tony Hawk

Australian skateboarding legend Tas Pappas has settled down. And he’s over that whole Tony Hawk thing.
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The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

These Brothers Love Trump So Much They Formed a Rock Band

The band's first single "Trump for America," is a collage of patriotic clichés, including a sample of children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
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The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked People Why They Got Tattoos of Donald Trump

We spoke to people at Clay Dragon Tattoo Studio, where you can get a Donald Trump tattoo for free, about why they would put the presidential candidate on their body.
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VICE Sports Q&A: Ronaldo (THE Ronaldo)

One of the greatest soccer players of his era opens up on playing poker, the Brazilian national team, and even his weight.
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The Founder of SantaCon Explains Why SantaCon Sucks

What started as a protest against holiday consumerism has turned into a shitshow in a Santa suit.
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Visiting an Anti-Muslim Hate Group at the Peak of America's Islamophobia

ACT for America aims to promote national security and defeat terrorism—two goals which are, in the group's view, intrinsically threatened by the Islamic faith.
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Countdown to Zero

Listen to the Reagan Administration Laughing at the AIDS Epidemic

Newly-discovered audio recordings from White House press conferences show Reagan's press secretary laughing off AIDS and making fun of "fairies."
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