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A Couple in Germany Tried To Name Their Baby Lucifer and 'The Man' said No

Absolute nanny state!!!
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Dogs Are Kept Awake by Their Worries, Just Like Us Pathetic Humans

No word yet on whether or not they're worrying about saying "you too" to a waiter who said "enjoy your meal".
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Vice Guide to Right Now

Why Is This Anti-Gay Marriage Pamphlet Using Paul Walker's Death as a Metaphor?

Let us see, shall we?
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The Sockless Boat Shoe Trend Has Caused Some Kind of Foot Fungus Epidemic

Lol God hates us.
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Your 2017 Guide to Cults and Fringe Religions

Wait a Minute, is Satanism Actually Really Great?

A weak but all-round enjoyable investigation.
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The VICE Guide to Self Improvement

Vulnerable Celebrities and the Managers Who Tried to Destroy Them

There's a long history of attorneys, managers, and so-called shrinks preying on cashed up stars who are out of their depth.
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The VICE Guide to Self Improvement

Can A Psychologist Cure My Worst Character Trait, Unstoppable Selfishness?

I don't want to be an inconsiderate arsehole for the rest of my life.
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Thanking God For 10 Years of 'Ratatouille', Literally a Perfect Film

The fourth biggest opening of any film in French cinema history, and five Oscar nominations made this unlikely Rat biopic one of the greats.
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Crazy Vegas Stepmom Party: We Need to Talk About the Female Ensemble Comedy

A new era of filmic fun is turning women into the joke.
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Everyone's Thought About Killing Me

I Asked the People in My Life How They Would Kill Me

And they did not hold back.
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in defence of

In Defence of Actually Saying Goodbye to People

"Ghosting" is the absolute worst. Hear me out.
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'Vogue' Put Gigi in Zayn's Blazer and Now Toxic Gender Norms Are Over

“It’s not about gender,” Hadid says in her August cover story for the magazine. “It’s about, like, shapes.”
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