Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer Is an Expert at Capturing Uncomfortable Moments and Visual Puns

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete’s work is often reminiscent of the photos you’d find on defunct image-hosting accounts, from gloriously depressing snapshots of Goth Day at Disneyland to sheepish fans at porn conventions.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Incredible Edible Me

I Made Meringues Out of My Own Blood and Ate Them

"I'm not sure how to describe the smell they had."
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Hong Kong's Creationist Theme Park Is Somehow Worse Than It Sounds

I tried to give Noah's Ark Hong Kong a fair shake. What I found there bordered on terrifying.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

This Theme Park Devoted to Ancient Aliens Really Makes You Think

One of the park's main attractions is a flight simulator that suggests Peru's Nazcar Lines might be a landing strip for alien craft.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Meet the Superfans Spending Tens of Thousands on Escape Rooms

“I didn’t think I’d ever be into something so much as I am escape rooms. Now everyone knows me as 'Escape Room Girl.'"
Justin Caffier

The Elaborate, Dying Art of Hustling for Money at Dave & Buster's

Once able to earn $100 an hour farming endless jackpots, times have changed for this dying breed of gamer.
Justin Caffier

Michael Jackson Stans React to 'Leaving Neverland' with Bus Ads and Death Threats

In the lead up to the premiere of the documentary this weekend, Jackson fans were ramping up their attempts to discredit the film.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

How LA Became a Bastion for People Who Are 'Spiritual, Not Religious’

The ecstatic, hypnotic chanting of kirtan is a huge scene in the city. And that makes perfect sense.
Katie Bain

This Guy Claims to Be the Reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard

The 31-year-old has legally changed his name to Lafayette Ron Hubbard, but the official Church of Scientology isn't buying his story.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

'Abducted in Plain Sight' Is the Wildest True Crime Documentary on Netflix

The film documents a tragedy so incomprehensible, audiences don't know how to react.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Photos of Porn Superfans at the World's Biggest Porn Event

Like Comic-Con, fans can pay to get an autograph or photo from their favorite performers. Unlike Comic-Con, some will also allow you to motorboat them for an additional charge.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Photos of the Land Where Dolly Parton Is Benefactor, Muse, and Queen

The country megastar's home county is full of hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and attractions funded by or inspired by Dolly.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete