Uber Became Big by Ignoring Laws (and It Plans to Keep Doing That)

Uber says it will not comply with AB5, a new California law that would require it to classify drivers as employees.
Edward Ongweso Jr
Jason Koebler

You Don't Need an iPhone 11 Unless Your Current Phone Is Literally Unusable

The practically, morally, and financially responsible thing to do is to use your current phone for as long as possible.
Jason Koebler

Space Hotel Will Be Like 'Going on a Cruise,' Designer Ominously Warns

Let's take the worst things on Earth and put them in space.
Jason Koebler

Billionaire LinkedIn Founder Thinks Bitcoin Rap Battle Will Heal Divided Nation

Reid Hoffman made a dumb music video about Bitcoin and got his rich friends to tweet about it to "explore some of the most polarizing issues that characterize our own era."
Jason Koebler

Review: Three Different Pairs of $30 Counterfeit AirPods

If AirPods are the crude results of capitalism's machinery, then what do counterfeit AirPods say about us?
Jason Koebler
Caroline Haskins

Apple Will Finally Sell iPhone Parts to Repair Shops But Not to You

Apple's new program is progress, but it's still not any easier to fix your own phone.
Jason Koebler

US Military Urgently Seeking Enormous Underground Complex for Undisclosed Experiments

DARPA says it needs to find a "complex underground environment spanning several city blocks" within the next 48 hours.
Jason Koebler
Right to Repair

Apple Is Locking Batteries to Specific iPhones, a Nightmare for DIY Repair

The move makes it impossible for anyone who is "unauthorized" to replace a battery on an iPhone without losing important features.
Jason Koebler

If Elected President, Bernie Sanders Promises to Tell Us About Aliens

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Sanders said that if he learns anything about aliens, he'll announce it to the public on Rogan's podcast.
Jason Koebler
mueller report

Give Robert Mueller a Computer, He Desperately Needs Ctrl+F

Mueller's Congressional hearing has been hamstrung by the fact that he keeps having to flip through his 397-page report to figure out what lawmakers are asking him.
Jason Koebler
Elonk Musk

Elon Musk Announces Plan to 'Merge' Human Brains With AI

Neuralink wants to start by treating brain injuries, eventually "achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence."
Mitch Bowman
Jason Koebler

Email Tracking Is Creepy and Invasive and No One Should Do It

The rise of email "tracking pixels" is a dystopian nightmare that shows a complete lack of empathy for the person you're talking to.
Jason Koebler