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A Star Is Bored

Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe Is Coming For Your Landlord

The Twitter-savvy comedian, aka @electrolemon, shares his quarantine thoughts on sewing masks, getting radical, and Will Smith's pandemic rap.
Jill Krajewski

Trixie Mattel Is Living Her Drag Star Fantasy on 'The Sims' in Quarantine

The 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' entertainer gets candid about her life at home, how drag is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, her love of music and Adam Schlesinger, and more.
Jill Krajewski

We Are All Smudge the Cat, Confused in an Angry World

Smudge's owner answered our many questions about that Woman Yelling at Cat meme.
Jill Krajewski

The 30 Best Things We Saw at the Toronto Raptors Parade

While our favourite thing was Marc Gasol’s, uh, exuberance, there was lots of joy to be found around Toronto.
Mack Lamoureux
Jill Krajewski

Provocateur Hubert Lenoir Burns Down His Past

Quebec’s rising glam star talks about rebirth, controversy, and shares the rebellious music video for "Tôn hotel," the highlight of his debut album 'Darlène.'
Jill Krajewski

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Calls Out Toronto for Lack of Action After Stage Collapse

Yorke led a moment of silence at Radiohead’s first Toronto show since the stage collapse that killed drum tech Scott Johnson in 2012.
Jill Krajewski

How Music Communities Can Survive Their Leaders' Alleged Misconduct

Directors at Toronto's Wavelength concert series and Ottawa's Arboretum Music Festival have stepped aside, leading to questions about how these scenes can move forward.
Jill Krajewski
New music

Vallens Confront Objectification in the Instagram Age on “Occurred”

The dark melodic Toronto band wield even more cinematic power on their upcoming EP, ‘Dimmed In My Display.’
Jill Krajewski

Dilly Dally Almost Died

The Toronto band nearly broke up after their breakout ‘Sore.’ Out of the ashes comes their new album ‘Heaven,’ the group's most dynamic work yet.
Jill Krajewski
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting into Roxy Music

Featuring Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, Roxy Music’s melodramatic yet undersung art rock paved the way for punk, new wave, and decades of music to come.
Jill Krajewski
New music

The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, MBV’s Debbie Googe Join Forces on “Many Clouds”

Burgess talks working with My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe, his upcoming album 'As I Was Now,' being label boss at O Genesis, and 'Twin Peaks.'
Jill Krajewski
New music

Tell Depression to Fuck Off with Lonely Parade’s “I’m So Tired”

The post-punk trio’s first single with Buzz Records tackles mental health with dark humour and melodic, contagious math-rock energy.
Jill Krajewski