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YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week: MonkeyBoo, the Monkey

He's just a fucking monkey. And that's OK.
Joe Bish
nuclear war

What Happens If the UK Gets Caught in the Nuclear Crossfire?

As the US and North Korea trade threats, Britain should probably think about where it sits in all this.
Joe Bish
Prince Philip

A Short Look Back on the Career of Prince Philip

No longer will he be able to say racist things at official engagements. Farewell.
Joe Bish

A Ring of Lies: We Did NOT Find The Inventor Of 'The Circle Game'

Bonds were broken, lives affected, perhaps forever.
Joe Bish

Searching for the Man Behind 'The Circle Game'

As in, the game where you make someone look at your hand and then smack them in the arm.
Joe Bish
the internet

How Theresa May's Fight Against Extremism Is Screwing with Online Privacy

The Prime Minister is mad at terrorism, but also wants, for some reason, to look at your WhatsApp group chat.
Joe Bish

How Conspiracy Theories Changed Our Way of Thinking

Tracking the history that led to the mass questioning of authority.
Joe Bish

When Will YouTube Stars Be Forced to Have Real Emotions?

Former Viners living in houses in LA constructing fake beefs and rap songs may be the nadir of the format.
Joe Bish
brexit porn

This Brexit-Themed Porno Made Me Think Long and Hard About Myself

'Hard BreXXXit' has Theresa May fucking Donald Trump behind a lectern – but what does it say about the human condition?
Joe Bish

20 Years of 'OZ': The Show That Changed TV Forever

At the end of the last millennium, HBO gave the green light to a prison drama with a difference, and television hasn't been the same since.
Joe Bish

The Cult: John Terry

It’s hard to think of many footballers who are loved by so few and loathed by so many, but John Terry thoroughly deserves his supporters and his detractors. Adore or abhor him, Terry is unquestionably Cult.
Joe Bish

BREAKING NEWS: You Can't Be Both Fat and Fit

Can't believe I'm writing this. What the fuck is going on with the world?
Joe Bish