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The Guide to Getting into PJ Harvey, Grunge’s Apocalyptic Godmother

From her 90s rock roots to the folk war poetry that came later, PJ is an artist who has inhabited many lives. Here's everything you need to know.
Daisy Jones

We Asked People the Weirdest Fantasies They Have While Listening to Music

“I would imagine screaming the lyrics over this cliff edge, hurling all the anger at my family and friends below.”
Daisy Jones
Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked Some Synesthetes to Tell Us the Most Colourful Songs

"I want to listen to this song on repeat in a sensory deprivation tank, but I'm worried it might break my brain?"
Daisy Jones
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's 15 years since the New York trio's debut album signalled a guitar music revival. Their output, across four albums and three EPs, isn't all the crashing art-punk of the early years, though.
Tshepo Mokoena
Light it up

Older People's Music-Related Memories of Being Unbelievably High

People nearing, or in, retirement used to get absolutely lit. We asked them about the times when LSD, weed, hash, and music collided.
Thomas Hobbs

'Pop Idol' Fucked the Music Industry Up Forever in 2002

Sure, it was just a reality TV show, but Simon Cowell's fingerprints are now smudged all over the pop world as a result.
Lauren O'Neill

NME Created an Indie Scene Out of Thin Air in 2002 and Made It Stick

Former NME mag staff tell us how how they made so many people care about The Strokes, The Libertines and other "The bands."
Alexandra Pollard
Obsessive Tendencies

Marilyn Manson Pushes You to Lean Into Your Fears Like No One Else

He's observed the horror around and within him, and stepped right inside it on album 'Heaven Upside Down'.
Daisy Jones
Fan Fiction

Who Is the Real Asahd Khaled?

To celebrate his first birthday, we spoke with the young producer to make sense of being the baby don, mogul and icon.
Lauren O'Neill
Fandom Week

Mariah Carey Is a Comedic Genius

If you think she's just a punchline or an airhead, you're doing this wrong.
Tshepo Mokoena
Fandom Week

Being a Britney Spears Stan Means Understanding Your Fave Is Human

What you learn about femininity and sexuality from growing up while Britney did.
Lauren O'Neill
so sad today

A Day in the Life of My Brain

I recorded all the negative thoughts I have about myself in a single day. Not an easy task!
So Sad Today