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climate change

These Climate Strike Kids Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

“We need to be screaming so that maybe people will just listen this time.”
Kathleen Caulderwood

I was a teenage terrorist

Mohammed Khalid is one of the youngest people ever charged with aiding terrorists in the U.S. Now, he’s out of prison and trying to prove he can be trusted.
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Kavanaugh testimony

"Shocking and disheartening": Students told us how they felt watching the Kavanaugh hearings

To many, the scene that Christine Blasey Ford described during her congressional testimony was a stark reminder that not much has changed since the 1980s
Milena Mikael-Debass
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Tess Owen

Scorching hot ash from Guatamala volcano is derailing rescue efforts

Beneath the surface of the ash temperatures as high as 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Great Barrier Reef

Nearly a third of the Great Barrier Reef's corals were killed by a heat wave

A new study finds that nearly a third of the Great Barrier Reef was killed by high temperatures in 2016.
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march for our lives

How one Parkland teacher is making sure the #neveragain movement never stops

She's helping build an organization through the American Federation of Teachers
Erica K. Landau
Kathleen Caulderwood

These March for Our Lives students brought their sign A-game to D.C.

"Stop eating Tide pods + start calling B.S."
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VICE News Tonight on HBO

Brazilians take to the streets after groundbreaking politician murdered

Franco's murder has sparked outrage around the country, and comes just weeks after the Brazilian military took over security operations in Rio de Janeiro.
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Florida teachers told us what they want. Hint: It’s not guns.

Florida teachers tell us what they’re fighting for after the Parkland shooting.
Erica K. Landau
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Emma Fidel
Winter Olympics

The sad truth about North Korea's Olympic cheerleaders

Who are they and what do they want?
Kathleen Caulderwood

North Korea arrived to a chilly reception at the Winter Olympics

It's a new era in the games that not everyone supports.
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women's march

PHOTOS: Thousands protest Trump again at Women's March 2018

They grabbed their signs, pulled on pussy hats, and poured into the streets
Carter Sherman
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