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Social Media

Your Phone Is a Prison

'Psychopolitics' discusses how social media has replaced freedom with the Church of the internet.
Kit Caless

The Inside Story of Wu-Tang Clan's Single Copy Album You'll Never Hear

After becoming RZA's advisor, British writer Cyrus Bozorgmehr wrote a book on 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' and the value of music today.
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oh when mumbai go marching in

In Search of India's Football Culture with Mumbai FC's Yellow Brigade

Cricket is king in India, while football has tended to be overlooked. Could that ever change? We spent time at Mumbai FC and spoke to an Englishman playing in the country to get a feel for India's football culture.
Kit Caless

What Call Centres Can Tell Us About Bleakness and Resistance in the Modern Workplace

Nobody likes being cold called, but spare a thought for the person on the other end of the phone who doesn't want to be there either.
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Your Job Is Pointless

We talked with Peter Fleming, author of The Mythology of Work, about our general apathy toward our jobs.
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goodybye to all that

Upton Left: West Ham Fans on the Approaching End of an Era

Next May, West Ham United will say goodbye to the ground they have called home for more than a century. We spoke to long-time fans and asked for their perspective on the Olympic Stadium move.
Kit Caless

What's the Future of Your Job?

That's the question being posed by The Castle of Trades "future heritage museum," an arts project that travels around east London interviewing residents about their work.
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The UK's Conservative Government Could Help Left-Wing Book Sales

We talked to some radical, left-wing publishers about why the time is ripe for Britons to start printing their own radical literature.
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The VICE Guide to Mental Health

How Do You Help Someone You Love When They're Depressed?

One in five of us will experience depression in our lifetime. Here are some tips on how to help someone when they are unwell.
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