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Deloitte Has Made $42 Million Working With ICE This Year

Employees asked the company to cut ties with the agency last year, but Deloitte shows no signs of ending its relationship with ICE.
Leila Ettachfini
a day ago

How Two Black Girls From Oklahoma Fought Their High School's Head Wrap Ban

Seniors Is’Abella Miller and Delanie Seals have been fighting their school's "culturally and ethnically insensitive" head wrap ban since they were sophomores. A few months ahead of graduation, they've finally won.
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4 days ago

Man Sentenced to 6 Months for Eating a Cookie Is Released

A judge reversed Gregory Fields' six-month sentence on Monday, but his lawyer says similarly disproportionate sentences are nothing unusual.
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5 days ago

A Hospital Billed Me for My Daughter's Blood Work... Before She Was Born

Alethea received a hospital bill for roughly $4,000 for her baby’s blood work. Only her baby had not yet been born. The charges followed her for two years.
Alethea McGavran

Dell Has Made $15 Million Working with ICE This Year

Yet the company says it supports "comprehensive immigration reform."
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Chick-fil-A Won't Entirely Rule Out Donating to Anti-LGBTQ Charities Again

"No organization will be excluded from future consideration—faith-based or non-faith-based," the company told VICE.
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Motorola Solutions Has Made $25 Million This Year Working with ICE and CBP

Despite its work with the two agencies, Motorola Solutions' website says that it works to “make cities safer and help communities.”
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sex work

Ayanna Pressley Just Called for Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Thursday, the congresswoman introduced a landmark criminal justice resolution that did not ignore sex workers' needs.
Leila Ettachfini

Israel's Military Supports Cancer Patients. Just Not the Ones in Gaza

An IDF tweet in support of cancer patients ignored the reality of what it's like to need healthcare in Gaza.
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Reuters’ Parent Company Has Made Millions off Its Work for ICE

Thomson Reuters provides the federal agency with “real-time jail booking data to support the identification and location of aliens,” among other services.
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election results

7 Women of Color Who Made History in Tuesday's Elections

For the third Trump-era Election Day, women of color achieved major victories on both state and local levels.
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Booz Allen Hamilton Is Making Millions Working with ICE

"We only perform work that is consistent with our values," a spokesperson for the company said.
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