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David Starr Wants to Bring Socialism to the World of Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the few sports where the pros don't have protection from a union. Starr wants to change that.
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music features

Touring Is Hard, and Band Therapists Are Here to Help

These mental health professionals know what it feels like when the van breaks down, when the booker shorts the fee, or when your drummer is just being a dick.
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These People Make Thousands a Month Selling Live Roaches on eBay

"Pick any bug popular in the reptile trade for food, take 15 minutes educate yourself on their reproduction, sell the things on eBay at the going market rate."
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We Asked a Guy With Perfect Skin to Help Us Stop Being Such Dirty, Oily Slobs

Here are skincare expert and YouTube influencer James Welsh's tips for a routine (and products) that actually work.
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How Garfield Spawned Some of the Internet's Weirdest Memes

Garfield has been in our cultural vernacular since 1978, but only recently has he been transformed into a harbinger of doom.
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the resistance

Flip Over Police Vans and Riot in This New Board Game for Anarchists

Bloc by Bloc is the "Insurrection Game" the Resistance didn't know it needed.
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You Need to Listen to 'Synthwave,' the Chillest Beats On YouTube

How the genre mined 80s nostalgia and modern dystopia to become a giant on YouTube.
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How Craig Ferguson Became a Flirting God on YouTube

The former host of 'The Late Late Show' is an icon of flirting to many, who supercut his interviews with women to teach themselves how it's done.
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Is Denver's Airport Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or HIDING ALIENS?

Is it a meeting place for the global elite, who will hole up in tunnels beneath its runways when the world ends, or do they just want you to believe that?
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Memes Have Finally Made It to the Museum

Inside the boyfriend-distracting, Doge-approved KnowYourMeme gallery exhibit, which traces the evolution of "Two Decades of Memes."
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After Planet 13, Marijuana Tourism Will Never Be the Same

Nevada's largest dispensary and superstore will feature flying orbs, a laser graffiti wall, and an experience where customers will be "overwhelmed by the aesthetics."
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urban legends

Five Obscure Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True-ish

Bunny Man! Catman! Green Man!
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