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An Interview with Two Recently Captured ISIS Prisoners

The world wants to wash its hands of the people who have escaped the Islamic State.
Matt Broomfield
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Tartan Terrorism: The Forgotten History of Scotland's Violent Extremism

Sectarian violence in the 1970s and 80s was set well into the far left, but could a post-Brexit referendum see a new breed of far right extremism crawl out from the fringes?
Matt Broomfield

Resisting Eviction with London’s Anti-Capitalist Squatters

Bailiffs kicked anarchists and homeless people out of a £15 million oligarch's mansion this morning.
Matt Broomfield

Is Romaphobia the Last 'Acceptable' Form of Racism?

Vilified by the media and persecuted across Europe, Roma communities are starting to fight back.
Matt Broomfield

The Anarchist Squatters Housing Manchester’s Most Vulnerable Homeless People

We hung out with the Manchester Activist Network, which is putting people up and helping them get off Spice.
Matt Broomfield

We Visited One of Britain’s Most Muslim Areas to See If It’s Really an Islamist Ghetto

Dame Louise Casey's review this week suggested ethnic or religious groups have become increasingly divided from the general population—so we went to Birmingham to speak to some of the people her report is about.
Matt Broomfield

The Problems Facing the New Breed of Vigilante Pedophile Hunters

This week, a 20-year-old was jailed for killing a man he believed to be a child abuser. But a new type of vigilante pedophile hunter is emerging and violence is the last thing on their minds.
Matt Broomfield

How Men's Rights Activists Make Money Off White Dudes Who Want to Feel Oppressed

Prominent MRA activists like Roosh V know that many young white men feel a voyeuristic pleasure in imagining the weight of oppression upon them—because that way they don't have to deal with the truth.
Matt Broomfield
This Actually Happened

Unearthing David Cameron's Secret Punk Manifesto

Way before he was the Prime Minister, Cameron was pitching to base Tory strategy on the success of the The Ramones.
Matt Broomfield

We Spoke to the World's First Transgender Battle Rapper

"Some of the most redneck, right-wing people have come around to accepting me."
Matt Broomfield