Mike Tunison

personal finance

I Bought a Condo and It Ruined My Life

Nearly a decade after the collapse of the housing bubble, I'm still feeling the consequences.
Mike Tunison
beast mode

​Stop Teasing Us With Marshawn Lynch Comebacks

Rumors are swirling that the Raiders are trying to coax Marshawn Lynch out of retirement. We've heard this song before.
Mike Tunison
mike glennon

Giving Mike Glennon $15 Million Is Not Crazy

A starting quarterback making $15 million in 2016 would have earned less than 23 other quarterbacks in the NFL.
Mike Tunison

​Ahem, The Bears Would Really, Really Like To Trade Jay Cutler

The market for Jay Cutler is, uh, not great.
Mike Tunison
Super Bowl LI

The Falcons Rose Up but the Patriots Put Them Down: Dumb Football, Super Bowl LI Edition

An air of inevitability took hold once the New England Patriots tied Super Bowl LI. The Falcons were spent. When the Pats got the ball to start overtime, it was academic.
Mike Tunison
Super Bowl LI

​Kyle Shanahan Briefly Lost the Falcons' Super Bowl Game Plan

There was no foul play, just a reporter who took the wrong bag by mistake.
Mike Tunison
New England Patriots

​Like It or Not, Pats Peppered with Trump References on Super Bowl Opening Night

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft were among those facing questions about President Donald Trump.
Mike Tunison
ezekiel elliott

Ezekiel Elliott Taunts, Tackles Fan Who Ran on Field at Pro Bowl

Zeke playfully tackled a fan who ran onto the field at the Pro Bowl, and then raced him to the end zone.
Mike Tunison
john lynch

49ers Hire John Lynch as GM Despite Lack of Front Office Experience

John Lynch was known as a smart player during his long NFL career, and has been a solid TV commentator. The 49ers are betting that's enough to make him a winning GM.
Mike Tunison

Let Us Never Speak of These NFL Playoffs Again: Dumb Football, Conference Championship Edition

After another boring run of playoff games (with one notable exception), we finally have our Super Bowl LI teams: it's the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.
Mike Tunison
NFL playoffs

The Cowboys' Run Comes to a Spectacular End, and More Dumb Football on Divisional Weekend

The NFL's divisional round had two pretty good games, and one instant goddamn classic thanks to the Cowboys, the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers.
Mike Tunison

Boat Parties and Blowouts: ​Dumb Football Wild Card Weekend With Mike Tunison

Predictably, Odell Beckham's trip to Miami has become a focal point following the Giants' loss to the Packers. So dumb.
Mike Tunison