Nathan Schneider

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Rich People Broke America and Never Paid the Price

Lehman Brothers collapsed ten years ago, exposing a rotten system run only by greed. In an alternate universe, things actually changed.
Nathan Schneider
Views My Own

It's Time for Mark Zuckerberg to Give Up Control of Facebook

The social media titan needs a new model of ownership and governance.
Nathan Schneider
The Sick Day Issue

Figuring Out the Freelance Economy

Could new technology make the lives of freelancers less lonely and more secure?
Nathan Schneider
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Bernie Sanders and the Battle for Universal Healthcare in Colorado

Last week, Bernie Sanders endorsed a little-known campaign in Colorado that could have far-reaching effects on America's struggling healthcare system.
Nathan Schneider
The We Missed You Issue

The Future of Owning the Internet

If we're going to depend on the internet, we should be able to trust where it comes from.​​
Nathan Schneider

How Colorado Voters Could Usher in the Future of Healthcare in America

In November, Colorado voters will decide whether to be the first state in the US to give every resident government-provided health insurance.
Nathan Schneider

The Cryptocurrency-Based Projects That Would Pay Everyone Just for Being Alive

Although there's a 0 percent chance of the US Congress enacting universal basic income, techies have launched their own DIY basic income schemes through the distribution of online currencies like Bitcoin.
Nathan Schneider
The Magic Hour Issue

On the Lam with Bank Robber Enric Duran

In 2008, Enric Duran stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from European banks to start a progressive hacktivist commune. Nathan Schneider traveled to Catalonia to meet the man, who is still on the run from the authorities.
Nathan Schneider
The Future According to VICE

What Today's Revolutionaries Could Learn from the Protest Movements of the Past

Social media is never going to replace the old-fashioned meatspace methods of activism.
Nathan Schneider
The Outta My Way, I’m Walking Here Issue

Why the Tech Elite Is Getting Behind Universal Basic Income

Why not give money to people just for being alive?
Nathan Schneider
The Humongous Fungus Among Us Issue

Who Stole the Four-Hour Workday?

A four-hour workday could solve a lot of our problems. If everyone worked fewer hours, there would be more jobs for the unemployed to fill. The economy wouldn't be able to produce quite as much, which means it wouldn't be able to pollute as much...
Nathan Schneider

Our Generation of Hackers

We spend so much of our time trying to hack and subvert and work around the systems that make up the world, but should we be trying to change them for the better instead?
Nathan Schneider