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online dating

South Asian Women Like Me Still Face Subtle Racism on Tinder

What it really means when people say South Asian women are their "type", and how it makes you second-guess people's motives on dating apps.
Ruchira Sharma

Here Is Every Time I've Encountered 'Hipster Racism'

An employee of Lena Dunham's used the term when she announced she was resigning
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Eating Disordrers

Why So Many South-Asian Women Suffer from Eating Disorders

I suffered from an eating disorder throughout my teens, but I didn't realise that, as a British Indian, I was statistically the most at risk.
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taylor swift

We Asked Some Goths What They Think of Taylor Swift Going Goth

"I literally despise her and want her to disappear off the face of the earth."
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Love Jihad: The Sikh Family Fear of Dating Muslims

Seventy years after the partition of India, Islamophobia is still common among British Sikhs and Hindus. Often it's left unspoken, but rears its head when it comes to interfaith relationships.
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Question Of The Day

What's the Shortest Amount of Time You've Spent in a Job?

Anthony Scaramucci's calling ten days... any advance on ten days?
Patrick Heardman
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We're Doing Protest All Wrong

Matthew Bolton believes we need to give up on protests like "The Day Of Rage", in favour of a more nuanced approach.
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Would You Get Herpes from Usher for $1 Million?

What say you, people of London.
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Patrick Heardman
Important Protests

Teenage Boys in England Are Wearing Skirts to School to Protest Their Uniform

They're not allowed to wear shorts, so they're wearing skirts instead.
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Finsbury Park Attack

Why Finsbury Park Wasn't Immediately Called a 'Terror Attack'

Let's clear up some confusion.
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Good News for People Who Smoke Their Weed with Tobacco

And a little bit of bad news too, because you can't have it all.
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