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The Stupid Issue

Silicon Valley Wants You to Drink Dirty Water

Alkaline water, gluten-free water, crystal-infused water—you can get any type of water you like, provided you’re willing to pay.
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conspiracy theories

Inside the Conspiracy Theory That the Royal Baby Is Actually Two Weeks Old

Strange things go on in the comments of Mail Online.
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51 Percent of Students Accused of Stalking or Abuse Allowed to Stay at UK Universities

Broadly found 381 cases of student-on-student abuse and stalking in a three-year period after asking every UK university how many students were accused of stalking or domestic abuse – and how many were expelled by uni authorities.
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Honey Dijon Is Not Here for All You Bros

"It can’t all just be: let’s do some pills and get some gak and go to a party and try and shag girls."
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Oh Snap

How the Election Stopped Being a Foregone Conclusion

We catch up with the campaign and interview Caroline Lucas on our politics podcast: the British Dream.
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Sam Kriss
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Zing Tsjeng
Broadly DK

Woman Gang Raped, Murdered, and Eaten By Dogs In Horrific Indian Kidnapping Case

People are comparing the brutal murder of a 23-year-old woman from Sonipat to the infamous 2012 Delhi bus rape.
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Broadly DK

Professional Witches Explain How to Use Magic to Make Money

As capitalism crumbles, why not turn to witchcraft for a little cash?
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Broadly DK

When You Go to Prison for Crimes Your Abusive Boyfriend Made You Commit

When you're in an abusive relationship, it's hard to know right from wrong. This can leave women vulnerable to risky and even criminal behavior.
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Man Convicted of Rape After Removing Condom During Sex Without Consent

In a landmark decision, a Swiss court has convicted a man who took off his condom without his partner's permission. Legal experts weigh in.
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We Asked Luxury Hotels About Their Policy on Golden Showers

In the light of the new allegations involving Trump’s extracurricular activities, we phoned a bunch of luxury hotels to check out their facilities.
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Music Critic Ben Ratliff Explains Why Genres Are Bullshit

We talk about the ways genres—and Spotify—are restricting our enjoyment of music.
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Blackmail, Threats, and Fear: Young Tories Discuss the UK Conservative Party Bullying Scandal

After a young Conservative Party member killed himself in September, the spotlight has been thrown on a poisonous culture in the party's youth wing.
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