Steve Weinstein

Pride 2017

The Unsung History of Circuit Parties, Where Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom

How hedonistic marathon raves became a unique LGBTQ tradition.
Steve Weinstein

The Gay Dance Community Will Survive the Orlando Tragedy

Nightclubs are the community centers for LGBTQ people; what happened this weekend won't destroy that.
Steve Weinstein
world aids day

Why Clubbing Was Crucial for Gay Men During the AIDS Crisis

"Often, I was relieved to see people at parties; I had assumed they had died in the interim."
Steve Weinstein

Get to Know Suzanne Bartsch, the Snazziest Dresser in New York Club History

An exhibit of the nightlife queen's fantasy wardrobe recalls the days when the city's nightclubs doubled as runways.
Steve Weinstein
The Saint

We Asked Two Quintessential NYC Queer DJs About the Art of the All-Night Set

Sharon White and Nita Aviance come from different eras in New York nightlife—but their endurance-testing DJ sets have turned them both into legends.
Steve Weinstein
deep dives

Are We Still Your Friends?: A Look at the Future of EDM in Film

Get ready for a slate of upcoming EDM films from Diplo, Will Ferrell, Calvin Harris, Will Smith and more.
Steve Weinstein

Why Did the Feds Bust Rentboy?

Last week's raid of the gay escort site led to accusations that the authorities were motivated by homophobia or simply wasting resources.
Steve Weinstein

Why Dancing Was So Important at the Stonewall Inn, New York's Newly-Landmarked Gay Bar

The Stonewall riots were motivated by gay men and women feeling that their freedom to dance was being threatened.
Steve Weinstein
Festival Season!

This Mom Is Still Fighting America’s Drug Policy Nearly Two Years After Her Daughter's Death

Dede Goldsmith is on a crusade to amend the Rave Act, a federal law that she believes puts lives in danger.
Steve Weinstein

From Studio 54 to a Bumper Car Birthday: the Legacy of Disco King Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano wasn't just present at the creation of dance music. He was the creation.
Steve Weinstein

RIP Richard Grant—Founder of NYC After-Hours Institution Sound Factory

The club gave Junior Vasquez the perfect platform to create a whole new way of DJing—and stayed open well into Sunday afternoon.
Steve Weinstein

Dance Music Is My Religion: Steve Weinstein on the Sacred Origins of Gay Circuit Parties

Circuit parties came to be defined as creating sacred spaces where gay men could converge to celebrate their identity without hostility or judgment.
Steve Weinstein