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Pensacola shooting

Here's How the Saudi Military Pilot Who Killed 3 at a Navy Base Got His Gun — Legally

“I didn’t even know this particular provision was there until this all happened,“ one expert said.
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15 hours ago

Shooter Dead After Opening Fire on Florida Navy Base

Multiple people were shot, and at least one person is dead.
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4 days ago

Dozens of West Virginia Corrections Officers Did the Nazi Salute for a Photo

“This will not be tolerated on my watch," Gov. Jim Justice said.
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4 days ago
Steve King

Steve King Went to an Iowa Pizza Hut to Declare Western Civilization 'Superior'

The GOP congressman was stripped of his committee assignments for racist comments in January.
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5 days ago

A Black Cop Is Suing His Department After His White Colleagues Allegedly Pointed a Loaded Gun at Him

They also used racial slurs and denied him promotions, according to the suit.
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holocaust deniers

The Illinois Holocaust Denier Who Ran for Congress in 2018 Is Doing It Again

Arthur Jones got 26% of the vote when he ran two years ago.
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guns in schools

Police Shot an Armed Student in Front of His Classmates at a Wisconsin High School

“The suspect removed the handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers.”
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Santa Clarita shooting

The Santa Clarita Shooter Used a Homemade 'Ghost Gun' From a Kit. He Had Another at Home.

The spare-parts kits — mostly ordered online — don’t have serial numbers, making it difficult for investigators to trace them back to their owner.
Tess Owen

Racist Graffiti and Anti-Semitic Email: Here's What's Going On at Syracuse University

The New York state university suspended four students Thursday in connection with one incident.
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Orthodox Jewish community

New York Is Investigating the Brutal Stabbing of an Orthodox Jew as a Possible Hate Crime

"They came up from behind him. It was simply unprovoked."
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Mass Shootings

Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common

The largest study of mass shooters ever funded by the U.S. government reveals stunning information about perpetrators.
David Noriega
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santa clarita

Everything We Know About the Santa Clarita School Shooting Suspect

People in the school community are baffled as to why this teen described as a quiet, kind Boy Scout would bring a pistol to school on his 16th birthday and shoot five people.
Emma Ockerman
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