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border wall

Jared Kushner Wants a 24/7 Livestream of Trump's Border Wall

Kushner has reportedly shrugged off the military's concerns that contractors building the wall won't want their proprietary information livestreamed to the world
Tim Marcin
18 hours ago
sean spicer

Trump Abandoned Sean Spicer the Second He Was Voted Off 'Dancing With the Stars'

After weeks of being buoyed by the president's supporters despite his abysmal dancing, the former White House press secretary finally got the boot.
Tim Marcin
2 days ago
big tech

Uber CEO on Saudi Arabia’s Murder and Dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi: We All Make Mistakes

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund is the fifth-largest investor in Uber.
Tim Marcin
3 days ago
donald trump jr

Donald Trump Jr. Just Got Booed Off the Stage — by His Own Supporters

At a campus visit to promote his book about how conservatives are silenced by the left, the conservative was silenced by far-right podcast fans.
Tim Marcin
3 days ago

Turtles With Swastikas on Their Shells Are Crawling Around a Park in Washington

Residents have responded by planning a "Rally Against Hate."
Tim Marcin
Jim Jordan

'Yeah, That's Strauss': Lawsuit Claims Jim Jordan Ignored Report of Doctor Masturbating in Front of Wrestling Ref

When the GOP Congressman was an assistant coach at Ohio State, the lawsuit alleges, he was told about a sexually abusive coach, and he shrugged it off.
Tim Marcin
ok boomer

New Zealand Lawmaker Drops a Devastating 'OK Boomer' On a Heckling Colleague

Chlöe Swarbrick was heckled during a speech about the climate crisis, and she responded in true millennial fashion.
Tim Marcin

Democrats Won Big Last Night. Here's What You Need to Know.

Trump threw yet another loyalist under the bus, and the GOP's support in the suburbs is collapsing.
Tim Marcin

What We Know About the Mormon Family Massacred in Mexico

There are six children among the dead, members of the LeBaron family say.
Tim Marcin

Noted Racist Richard Spencer Apparently Yelled Racist Slurs After Racist Rally

Leaked audio purportedly shows the far-right leader screaming anti-Semitic slurs and threatening further violence in Charlottesville.
Tim Marcin

Anti-Vaxxers and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Are Secretly Rolling Out Another Propaganda Film

The film’s creators are keeping theater locations secret until right before the release next week.
Tim Marcin
climate change

Greta Thunberg Turns Down Environmental Prize and Demands Climate Action Instead

"It is a huge honour. But the climate movement does not need any more awards."
Tim Marcin