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Troy Farah is an independent journalist and photographer from the Southwest with a focus on drug policy, science, and insects. His reporting has appeared in Smithsonian, Undark, Discover, The Outline, and others. He is a co-host of the drug-themed podcast Narcotica ( and his website is 


This Is What Happens When You Take 550 Doses of LSD At Once

Accidental LSD overdoses are not fun. But for some, they can have a bizarrely beneficial effect.
Troy Farah
4 days ago
Tech news

Weed and AI Can Help Us Find New Ways to Get Stoned

There's a lot more going on in cannabis than THC and CBD, and AI is helping us identify new compounds that could be used therapeutically or to catch a different buzz.
Troy Farah

The FDA Just Expanded Access to MDMA as a Therapy for PTSD

Under the FDA’s Expanded Access program, more folks can legally get access to medical-grade MDMA for psychotherapy.
Troy Farah

Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids

THCP and CBDP demonstrate how much more we have to learn from studying marijuana.
Troy Farah

A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

Front Range Biosciences is flying hemp and coffee aboard a SpaceX mission in March.
Troy Farah

Big Tobacco Will Take Advantage of the Mysterious Vaping Illness

Altria has already used the vape lung panic to install one of its executives as the CEO of Juul.
Troy Farah

Researchers Find Unexpected White Blood Cells in Patients With Mysterious Vaping Illness

New studies show that a rare type of macrophage is tied to several patients who have come down with the mysterious illness.
Troy Farah

This Toy Assault Rifle for Toddlers Is a Twisted Take on Playtime

Start 'em young, folks!
Troy Farah

The Psychedelic Tale of Terence McKenna's Forgotten Music About DMT

In collaboration with the synth explorers Zuvuya, the "Timothy Leary of the 90s" made two albums nearly as hallucinatory as the psychedelic substance that drove his work.
Troy Farah

The Plan to Test Cities’ Sewage for Drugs Is a New Form of Mass Surveillance

Testing waste could help anticipate the rise in fentanyl overdoses, but the same strategies can be used to stigmatize against certain populations.
Troy Farah
The Film That Made Me...

'On the Beach' Was the Film That Made Me Fear the Apocalypse

On my off days, I despair. But in general, all this morbid thinking actually thrills me, making me more grateful for every second I'm allowed. And I owe On The Beach for teaching me to stop worrying and to love the bomb.
Troy Farah

The Memory Hole Collects the 90s Home Movies That Were Too Weird for TV

Memory Hole is a place of horror and wonder. When you're inside the Hole it's easy for minutes to turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into years.
Troy Farah