Tyler Hooper

Canadian Opioid Crisis

Drug Users Want to Lead Victoria’s Opioid Crisis Battle

Give us more money, say peer-run harm reduction groups like SOLID.
Tyler Hooper

On Scenic BC Farm, Addiction Recovery Program Faces Eviction

Residents of Vancouver Island’s Woodwynn Farms say recent “no occupancy” orders have put their recovery at risk.
Tyler Hooper
Missing persons

A Young Woman Was Last Seen by Police, Then Never Again

Thousands of women have been reported missing in British Columbia. Emma Fillipoff’s mysterious disappearance shows why it’s so hard to find someone.
Tyler Hooper

The Fight to End Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting Is Heating Up in BC

A new government could finally stop rich international tourists from paying upwards of a thousand bucks to shoot grizzlies for sport.
Tyler Hooper

Scientists Predict There Could be More Plastic than Fish in the Oceans by 2050

And BC is bearing the brunt of this global epidemic of garbage.
Tyler Hooper

​The Unsolved Case of Hijacker D.B. Cooper

We look at the Canadian connection behind the only case of aviation piracy the FBI couldn't crack.
Tyler Hooper

The Man Who Went to Space and Disappeared: The Story of Granger Taylor

Thirty-five years ago, Granger Taylor left a note saying he was boarding an alien spaceship for an interstellar journey. He was never seen from again.
Tyler Hooper

The Wizard of Ladysmith: The Bizarre Case (and Mysterious Disappearance) of BC’s Infamous MDA Kingpin

Arthur James Williams was supposed to stand trial for manufacturing a huge amount of drugs. But instead authorities only found a wrecked airplane and no body. Then it really gets weird.
Tyler Hooper