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Chasing Niagara Falls in a Kayak

Five years ago, pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz set out to paddle Niagara Falls. In doing so, he and his crew would definitely be breaking the law, and someone stood a good chance of dying.
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athlete nutrition

How to Make a Kick-Ass Burrito with Pro Skater Joey Brezinski

The dude is passionate about burritos. We talked to him about his favorite restaurants, what makes a good burrito, and why skating on a full stomach can be rough.
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In Action Sports, Helmets Are Only the Beginning of the CTE Conversation

The news that Dave Mirra had CTE should be a wakeup call for skaters, skiers, and bikers about the importance of concussion diagnosis and recovery.
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baja 1000

Ripping Baja on Bikes

Documentary filmmaker Dana Brown returned to the Baja Peninsula for a DIY adventure of sand, cactus, and a few Tecates.
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Does the Super Bowl of Surfing Need to Change?

After five years of waiting, almost everybody thought the Eddie should have run last week. Lead sponsor Quiksilver says it won’t pass up an opportunity like that again.
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GoPro Stock Tanks, Athletes Remain Committed

GoPro had a rough week on Wall Street. How will the fallout affect action sports athletes?
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climbing for sustainability

Alex Honnold Goes Solar in Angola

In a country whose primary industry is oil, renewable energy has yet to gain a foothold. When they weren’t climbing the uncharted domes and spires of Angola, Alex Honnold and his crew were trying to change that.
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The North Face

Doug Tompkins, Founder of The North Face, Dies in Patagonia

The lifelong conservationist was involved in a kayaking accident in Chile. He was 72 years old.
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johnny utah v. bodhi

Point Break Remake: This Shit’s For Real

Director Ericson Core wanted a “sense of authenticity and real peril” in the movie’s action sequences. So he enlisted a cadre of accomplished athletes to get it.
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Peace Park 2015: “Carving is Cool”

Danny Davis’s annual spring break party brings out some the year’s best snowboarding at a custom-built terrain park.
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athletes' rights

A Snowboarder Sues the IOC

After his event was removed from the 2018 Winter Games, U.S. snowboarder Justin Reiter filed a lawsuit against the IOC. His case has the potential to set a precedent for all athletes to have their voices heard within one of sport’s largest...
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sports medicine and beyond

Intel’s Latest Sensor Can Learn New Tricks

The Curie module is no bigger than a dime, but the technology behind it has the potential to transform how we watch and understand action sports.
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