Greta Thunberg Mocks Alberta Minister Who Said COVID-19 Is a ‘Great Time’ For Pipelines

Alberta's energy minister Sonya Savage said bans on public gatherings will allow pipeline construction to occur without protests.

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A Legendary Black Environmental Group Is Back and Advising Joe Biden

Inside the racist nightmare that led to the founding of the National Black Environmental Justice Network, the devastating death of its first leader Damu Smith, and the political shifts that brought the network back and made it more relevant than ever.

Climate Change Has Forced Indigenous Peoples in This Alaskan City to Pay $99 for a Turkey

The Iñupiat traditionally relied on hunting for food, but that's no longer an option following the devastation to the food chain caused by a melting ice.

It's Time for Environmental Studies to Own Up to Erasing Black People

Many aspects of environmental scholarship are inaccessible to Black students, including textbooks that don't acknowledge our history, and field work requirements that are ignorant of Black criminalization in the outdoors.

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