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'Death Stranding' Is a Collective Power Fantasy About Infrastructure and Aid

'Death Stranding' starts as a lonely trek, but becomes something much more meaningful, and fun, as players work together to build up the world.
Jordan Pearson
2 hours ago
torture report

The Report: America’s Descent Into Torture, Lies, and Denial

Bringing the truth to light took great courage, but it’s not clear exactly what we’ve learned.
Karl Bode
2 hours ago

Here’s What You Can Rent for $2,000 a Month in Canada

An over-the-top house in St. John’s or a glorified bachelor apartment in Toronto.
Anne Gaviola
4 hours ago
One Star Reviews

I Got Dating Advice from Yelp’s Worst Rated Matchmaker | One Star Reviews

Taji goes to a one star yelp reviewed dating coach.
Bushmills - Noisey Punk Doc

Irish Band Kid Karate Discovers American Punk Music

Kid Karate is a punk band from Dublin, Ireland who grew up loving American rock music. Noisey teamed up with Bushmills to bring them to America for a 10 city tour and to explore some of the music scenes they love.

All the Lies I Learned About Sex From Movies and TV as a Kid

I didn't learn much from sex ed or my parents, but I did learn many wrong lessons from 'The Magic School Bus', 'Titanic,' and 'Superbad.'
Mica Lemiski
20 hours ago
deep state

The State Department Punished a Diplomat After a Baseless, Racist Smear Against Her by a Pro-Trump Site

The case shows how "deep state" conspiracies are infecting the highest echelons of U.S. policymaking.
David Uberti
21 hours ago
sex work

Ayanna Pressley Just Called for Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Thursday, the congresswoman introduced a landmark criminal justice resolution that did not ignore sex workers' needs.
Leila Ettachfini
21 hours ago

‘Doom’ Co-Creator Leaves Facebook to Develop Human-Like AI at Home

John Carmack has stepped down as CTO of Oculus to pursue the problem of artificial intelligence while working from home.
Matthew Gault
a day ago
Tech news

Evolution Keeps Repeating Itself. Scientists Are Starting to Understand Why

Species that aren't closely related can look identical thanks to a bizarre trick of evolution. A new study reveals part of the mechanism for creating nature's unrelated twins.
Maddie Bender
a day ago

How to Explore Your Queerness When You Have a Straight Partner

Coming out—or simply recognizing burgeoning queer feelings—doesn't invalidate the love you have for the person you're with.
Amanda Kohr
a day ago

Keanu Reeves Is SpongeBob's God Now

He appears as some kind of spiritual vision in the new 'SpongeBob 3' trailer.
River Donaghey
a day ago