Christians Care About Climate Change If It's About Saving 'God's Creation'

A new study shows that climate change can be more of a Christian issue—if we speak their language.
Mary Retta
14 hours ago

The Terrifying True Story of How 'The Blair Witch Project' Was Made

On its 20th anniversary, we talk to the filmmakers and actors behind the phenomenon that inspired the DIY horror genre.
Tatiana Tenreyro
14 hours ago
Games Podcasts

The Latest Fire Emblem Doubles Down on Relationships (And It Rules)

'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' focuses on the best part of the Fire Emblem formula: its character growth.
Ricardo Contreras
15 hours ago

Wilco's New Song 'Love Is Everywhere (Beware)' Is the Perfect Comeback

The gorgeous single is the first taste of the iconic Chicago band’s forthcoming 11th LP 'Ode To Joy.'
Josh Terry
15 hours ago

These Memes Highlight the Absurdity of ScarJo's Comments About Playing 'Any Person'

The actress is getting roasted for saying she should be able to play "any person, or any tree, or any animal."
Nicole Clark
15 hours ago

Amazon Is Using Prime Day to Lock People into a Giant Surveillance Network

Amazon is offering 30 to 40 percent discounts on Ring surveillance products for Prime Day. Think carefully about these products before going through with a purchase.
Caroline Haskins
16 hours ago

JUUL Is Making Buckets of Cash, But At Least the CEO Is 'Sorry'

A generation of kids who vape, a $38 billion valuation, and an apology.
Alex Norcia
16 hours ago
climate change

Southerners Are Scared of the Climate Crisis, and Their Politicians Are Ignoring Them

The states that will be most affected by the climate crisis are the ones with the least political action.
Shayla Love
16 hours ago

Researchers Find a Promising Treatment for Video Game Addiction

It's about rewiring the gamer's relationship to video games, not abstinence.
Matthew Gault
16 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscopes: July 16, 2019

There's a lunar eclipse in Capricorn today!
Annabel Gat
16 hours ago
food news

Man Sues TGI Friday’s for Not Listing Drink Prices on the Menu

The man was appalled that a Stella Artois cost him... five dollars?
Jelisa Castrodale
16 hours ago
Race and Health

Oh Great, Rachel Dolezal Is Selling Wrapping Paper With Her Face on It

Among other items, also featuring her face.
Ashwin Rodrigues
16 hours ago