Telus Take Care

An incubator for docuseries that inspire mental well-being. Watch now.

Finding Joy in a Hobby You Suck At

Watch Bad at This, a documentary series about people who suck at things and do them anyway.

The Power of Water for Better Mental Health

Watch Living in Flow, a documentary series about how young Atlantic Canadians see water as a tool for wellbeing.

Exploring the Mental Health Journeys of Young Asian-Canadians

Watch Breaking Ground, a documentary series that follows four people as they confront barriers to well being.

A Revealing Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Take Care Docuseries

The production teams share a glimpse of their unpredictable and emotional time in the field.

Docuseries Creators on How Mental Health Enters Their Work

They open up about their wellness routines and the inspiration behind their projects

How to Manage Your Mental Health According to the Next Generation of Advocates

The experts on the pressures of social media, keeping relationships strong, and managing money anxiety.

Introducing the Take Care Incubator

We are open for docuseries pitches about mental health and wellness until April 16.

Mental Health of Young Canadians Closely Connected to Technology, Personal Relationships and Money

VICE and the TELUS Fund have partnered for Take Care, an initiative to provide support and financing for docuseries on these topics.

How to Apply for Take Care Docuseries Funding

VICE and the TELUS Fund are looking for docuseries pitches that will inspire young people to improve their mental wellbeing.

Only 6/10 Young Canadians Say Overall Health is “Excellent” or “Good”

Plus, technology is a double edged sword when it comes to mental health and more discoveries from our study.

Mental Health and Wellness Advocates Provide Support to Take Care Incubator

Ambassadors include a BC Physician of the Year and a viral fitness TikTok influencer.

Everything You Will Need to Know About Take Care

From what we are looking for in docseries pitches to who to contact with questions.