'Old Town Road' Is Officially the Longest-Running No. 1 Single Ever

After 17 weeks on top, Lil Nas X has beaten out 'Despacito' and 'One Sweet Day' to hold the title.

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2 days ago
Normani Deserves to Be a Star

The 2000's-inspired "Motivation" video is proof that the singer is ready to become a full-on pop sensation.

3 days ago
Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Will Never Escape Its Name

The upcoming album is tainted because of it.

3 days ago
Miley Cyrus, Who Is Totally Fine, Made a Breakup Song

Judging from "Slide Away," she's handling her split with Liam Hemsworth pretty well.


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Fishbowl Freestyle with Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett gives us his best bars based on random words from our fishbowl.

Self Portrait Logan Browning

Logan Browning of Netflix's "Dear White People" and now "The Perfection" opens up while drawing her self portrait at the VICE offices in Brooklyn, NY.

How to Survive Playing 250 Shows a Year with PUP

PUP is known for being constantly on the road. This summer they will be playing to some of their biggest crowds ever. We joined them on the road as they began touring their third album, 'Morbid Stuff.'

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