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The Guide to Getting Into Joni Mitchell, the Blueprint for Human Experience

Mitchell, in all her incarnations, remains a chief cartographer of American music and the female experience. Regardless of who you are, her map is made for you.
Katie Bain
Longreads Or Whatever

Good Times, Forever: Looking Back on 50 Years of the Monkees

This year saw a new record and a 50th anniversary tour, but two questions have always persisted: How do you define The Monkees? And what makes a Monkees song?
Derek Scancarelli

The Long, Strange Hunt for the Folk Singer Who Thought He Was the Next Messiah

It took author Mike Stax 15 years to make sense of the life and times of the musician Craig Smith, who was on the brink of fame before something inside him snapped.
Seth Ferranti
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

A Former Weather Underground Member Explains Why Anti-Trump Violence Won't Work

Mark Rudd, a member of the infamous Weather Underground who later came to regret the group's bombings, told us that "anyone advocating political violence is either very stupid or a cop (or both)."
Harry Cheadle

Novel Concept: She-Devils Perform Shows Without Putting Music Online

The Montreal band cares a lot about first impressions, which is why you couldn't find their music online until now.
Cam Lindsay

RIP Stevie Wright, Legendary Singer of the Easybeats

The frontman for one of Australia's most iconic bands will be remembered for songs such as "Friday on My Mind" and "Evie."
Noisey Staff

PREMIERE: Slow Season Bring Desert-Rock Jams with "DayGlo Sunrise"

Bringing the heat in the ides of autumn.
John Hill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Monkeys Rule The Road in Ghoul's New Video For Image Comics' 'The Humans'

Monkeys, metal, and a monster of a comic book.
VICE Staff

Hells Angels, Black Panthers, and Psychedelics: Criminal Defense Lawyer Tony Serra Is the Hippie Atticus Finch

Serra, who took a (probably LSD-inspired) vow of poverty and has been jailed twice for refusing to pay taxes, has been a go-to lawyer for what he calls "anti-government entities" since the 1960s.
Jocelyn Silver

What the Freddie Gray Protests Have in Common with the Riots of the 60s

Then, as now, people came together in anger over how the police, and society at large, were treating young black people.
Beenish Ahmed

Photos of India’s Quiet Places

Kate Golding visited the most frenzied place on earth to shoot a book about stillness.
Kate Golding

A Compilation of 60s Teenaged Garage-Punk Rage Is the Best Album of the Year

Why sounds from a half-century ago keep coming back and forcing us to listen.
Johan Kugelberg