Watch Robert Pattinson Punch an Octopus in the Trailer for 'The Lighthouse'

'The Witch' director's new film stars Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two very unhappy lighthouse keepers.
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'Skin' Poses the Difficult Question of Whether Neo-Nazis Deserve Redemption

We spoke to Jamie Bell about his gripping new film, and whether we can or should extend compassion for people who have done evil.
Alex Zaragoza

A24 Is Holding Free Screenings of Its Movies Where They're Set, and It's Going to Rule

From 'Lady Bird' in a Sacramento parking lot to 'Good Time' under a set of elevated subway tracks in Queens.
Drew Schwartz

'The Farewell' Makes the Asian American Immigrant Experience Feel Universal

Awkwafina's Billi is a Chinese American woman who struggles with her family's secrets, but she's also all of us and our inherited burdens.
Nicole Clark
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Jennifer Lawrence Is Starring in a 'Secret' Indie Movie from A24

The same distributor that gave us 'Lady Bird,' 'Eighth Grade,' and 'Mid90s.'
Nicole Clark
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'Hereditary' Director Ari Aster's New Horror Movie 'Midsommar' Looks Goddamn Terrifying

It's full of sunlight, flowers, and a creepy-ass Pagan cult.
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Watch the Trailer for 'The Hole in the Ground,' the Scariest Movie at Sundance

It's been called "one of 2019's first great horror films" and the "next 'Hereditary.'"
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Jonah Hill Tells Us Why ‘Above The Rim’ Is the Greatest Movie Soundtrack Ever

The writer and director of 'Mid90s' shares his love for Nate Dogg and why he decided not to release a physical version of the film's soundtrack.
Chandler Levack
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'Slice,' Starring Chance The Rapper as a Pizza-Delivering Werewolf, Is Out Now

Zazie Beetz, Hannibal Buress, and Joe Keery also star in Austin Vesely's slasher-comedy. It's up on Google Play and iTunes now.
Alex Robert Ross
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Timothée Chalamet Is an Awkward Weed Dealer in the Trailer for 'Hot Summer Nights'

More like Timo-THC, am I right?
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This Tommy Wiseau Impression Is Officially the Best of the Best

'The Room' on ice took home A24's Tommy Award.
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You Can Finally Win an Award for Your Tommy Wiseau Impression

A24 is giving away a Tommy Award to the best fan recreation of a scene from 'The Room.'
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