The Human Rights You Lose When You Don't Speak English 

Does Australia have enough systems in place to ensure social equity for everyone?
Zoe Holman

The Harrowing Search for Jethro Anderson

‘He’s just out there partying like every other Native kid,’ the cop told her. Then he hung up.
Tanya Talaga
New music

Hellnback’s “Feeling Like” Takes on Colonialism with Indigenous Empowerment

From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, the emcee's new video warns of "those who try to play us."
Devin Pacholik

The top five humblebrags from Justin Trudeau’s United Nations speech

The prime minister endorsed a treaty he hasn't implemented, touted his domestic economic policy, and called Canada's a "work in progress."
Justin Ling
Indigenous water crisis

The Indigenous water crisis can be fixed

It will require training, funding, and work, but all First Nations can have clean drinking water.
Hilary Beaumont
Indigenous water crisis

Canada's Indigenous water crisis

Since 2015, VICE News Canada has been documenting the fight to bring clean drinking water to all First Nations across Canada.
VICE News Canada
Indigenous water crisis

Inside Ottawa’s failure to fix the First Nations drinking water crisis

Financial analysis shows Ottawa has been woefully underfunding many First Nations water projects.
Justin Ling
Indigenous water crisis

New Indigenous services minister talks progress and setbacks on the water crisis

Jane Philpott says that while the number of continuing boil water advisories is "discouraging," her government is still working to eliminate the long-term issues.
Justin Ling
Hilary Beaumont
Indigenous water crisis

There are still no enforceable rules around drinking water on First Nations

After decades of Ottawa’s failures, at least one Indigenous organization is taking a do-it-yourself approach to ensuring they have access to clean drinking water
Martha Troian
Indigenous water crisis

Water Week: A look at Canada’s Indigenous water crisis

We’re spending a week reporting on the lack of clean drinking water on First Nations reserves. Here’s why.
Hilary Beaumont
Martha Troian

Woman jailed, shackled for days while waiting to testify against her attacker

The case of a Cree woman has sparked outcry over prejudice and racism in Canadian courts
Rachel Browne

Canada's inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women hears from families

Canada's inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women begins hearing from families
Amy Kenny