Aboriginal Rights


DNA Tests Prove Aboriginal Australians Are the World's Oldest-Living Culture

The genetic study helps show that the ancestors of today's Aboriginals came here about 58,000 years ago.


​I Have a First Nations Background and Didn't Think Kimmy Schmidt Was Racist

Does this make me a bad person, a secret racist, or something even worse?


Justin Trudeau Can Fully Back Pipelines or Aboriginal Rights, But Not Both

Justin Trudeau says he supports the pipelines, climate change action and Indigenous rights. He may have to choose a side.


Beyond the Bars

This radio show has been giving Indigenous prisoners their only opportunity to participate in NAIDOC Week since 2002.


The TRC Report Is Not Only a History of Residential Schools, but a History of Canada

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission challenges readers to see how non-Aboriginal Canadians benefited from 120 years of residential school policy.


Loretta Saunders’ Roommates Admit They Murdered Her in Surprise Guilty Pleas

In two agreed upon statements of fact, Blake Leggette admitted he suffocated Saunders and Victoria Henneberry admitted she helped him do it.


A First Nation Is Occupying a Government Office to Stop Commercial Herring Fishing in BC

If the feds don't have the authority to shut down herring fisheries, the Heiltsuk Nation does, says Chief Marilyn Slett.


Aboriginal Inmates Go on Hunger Strike in Regina, Winning Access to Cultural Practices

Fifteen inmates at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre stopped eating until the Ministry of Justice agreed to requests


Two Kids Died in a House Fire on a Reserve as Firefighters Stayed Put Over a $3,300 Unpaid Bill

The deaths of two kids over an unpaid bill highlights the horrible state of fire protection on Canada's reserves.


Anti-Oil Activists Named as National Security Threats Respond to Leaked RCMP Report

Following news that the RCMP considers anti-oil-industry activists a national security threat, we spoke to some of the activists who have been on the front lines of the fight to salvage Canada's environment.


Dene People in Northern Saskatchewan Are Resisting Uranium and Tar Sands Mining

While public attention focuses on oil sands extraction in Alberta, a group of remote northern Dene trappers are fighting to preserve some of their traditional land from uranium miners.


We Interviewed Australia's Angriest Aboriginal Rights Activists

"Unlike other groups we're not here to dance with other existing enslaving power structures. We are young and ready to fight for everything our ancestors had taken from them."