5 days ago

‘Valfaris’ Is the Badass Baby of Iron Maiden and Contra. It Rules.

There are some beautiful, grotesque pixels in this game, and it's backed up by an equally fun ride.


Most Deepfakes Are Used for Creating Non-Consensual Porn, Not Fake News

A new study examined thousands of deepfake videos posted online.


The Games Industry Is Wrestling With Multiple New Allegations of Abuse

As more accusations roll through, so do more responses from the people being accused of misconduct.


‘Night in the Woods’ Developer Alec Holowka Dies

The game creator had recently been accused of sexual abuse.


Freelance Site Fiverr Offers Illegal Private Spying Services

Fiverr removed a number of listings after Motherboard approached the company for comment.


When He Throws Your Birth Control Pills in the Garbage

Pressuring someone not to use birth control is called reproductive coercion and it's a form of intimate partner violence.


Twitter Pushed Adverts for Spyware to Monitor Girlfriends

The app heavily suggested spying on a girlfriend without her consent.


When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users

Several employees were caught abusing the tool, which let them read users’ messages and passwords.


Facebook Quietly Changes Search Tool Used by Investigators, Abused By Companies

Facebook’s Graph Search allowed anyone to search a wealth of public data on Facebook in very specific ways, such as searching content for keywords in a particular point in time.


We Asked Wedding DJs How They Feel About Playing Michael Jackson's Music

“If some of us don’t take a stand as professionals, we’re kind of enabling him.”


Concordia Profs Drinking with Students Led to Sexual Misconduct: Report

“Truly shocking discovery!” tweets student who accused professor of abuse


A Collection of Revolting Texts From Men Who Got Rejected

"No wonder you're still alone. Enjoy masturbating forever."