We Talked to the Lawyer Fighting for the Right to Be Trans at Work

The ACLU lawyer representing Aimee Stephens in front of the Supreme Court explains why we should all be watching her case.
Katelyn Burns
facial recogniition

Amazon's Facial Recognition Misidentified 1 in 5 California Lawmakers as Criminals

The ACLU tested Rekognition, Amazon's facial recognition technology, on photographs of California lawmakers. It matched 26 of them to mugshots.
Madeleine Gregory

A Second U.S. City Has Banned Facial Recognition

Somerville, which neighbors Cambridge, Massachusetts, just joined San Francisco in banning the use of facial recognition.
Caroline Haskins
VICE News Tonight on HBO

What It’s Like at an Alabama Clinic Still Performing Abortions

At the Alabama Women’s Center, it's business as usual.
Shawna Thomas

These separated immigrant families are getting a second shot at asylum

Under pressure from judge, Trump agrees to reopen asylum cases for some immigrant parents and kids.
Taylor Dolven
John Doe

The Trump administration wants to send a U.S. citizen to Saudi Arabia to be prosecuted

No one knows what's going to happen to "John Doe"
Alexa Liautaud
police shootings

Chicago cops killed a mentally ill teen — and then the city tried to sue his family

At first, the city of Chicago tried to blame the LeGrier family for Jones’ death.
Tess Owen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Sheriff Went After These Texans for Their 'FUCK TRUMP' Sticker

The sheriff threatened to charge them with disorderly conduct, leading the ACLU to teach him a lesson in "Constitutional law 101."
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

​​Weinstein said to hire private investigators to track accusers, ​Trump: North Korea 'will all work out,' ​​​Air Force flub allowed Texas shooter to buy guns, and more.
VICE Staff
Internet Exploring

Taylor Swift Threatened to Sue a Blog That Compared Her to Hitler

The ACLU says her claims of defamation have no merit.
Phil Witmer
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A Campus Bike Cop Shut Down a Hot Dog Vendor and Took His Cash for Evidence

"Yep, this is law and order in action," the officer says in a video taken of the incident.
Drew Schwartz

Mattis won't enforce Trump's trans military ban — for now

Alexa Liautaud