Cold Showers Help Me Manage Dysphoria When Nothing Else Works

When I had an eating disorder linked to dysphoria, I thought cold showers would help me lose weight. Instead, I find that they bring me back to myself.


Lady Gaga: Sorry Everybody, Me and Bradley Cooper Are Not Boning

"People saw love, and guess what—that's what we wanted you to see!"


Why People of Colour Winning at the Oscars Matters

Let’s not deny the importance of the Academy Awards, even if they continue to do a disservice to us.


This Mexican Filmmaker Casts Real Cartel Members in His Movies

Eduardo Giralt Brun is offering at-risk youths from Sinaloa a potential way out of an early grave by playing themselves on screen.


'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ Belongs to Bisexuals—Fight Me

I’m not sure how everyone missed this when it came out in 2015 but the chaotic queer energy that this movie puts out is intoxicating.


Yael Stone has Accused Geoffrey Rush of Inappropriate Behaviour

Rush has denied the allegations, which mark the second case of a co-star speaking out against him.


I Taught Denzel How to Drive a Lyft for His New Movie

To prepare for his role in 'The Equalizer 2,' Denzel got a few training days from Boston Lyft driver Markel Wade.


RCMP Blames Hip, New Show 'Sons of Anarchy' For Outlaw Biker Resurgence

We have five questions for our beloved national police force about this.


Kevin Spacey Facing New Sex Assault Allegations

That brings the total amount of assault allegations being investigated by authorities against the actor to seven.


The Old Man and the Screen

Al Pacino's career is more than a collection of films, it's a memoirish self-commentary.


Stop What You're Doing and Watch Carrie Fisher Slap Oscar Isaac 41 Times

Even in death, Carrie Fisher is still kicking ass.


Guys Tell Us About Their Struggles with Toxic Masculinity

“If I was ever upset around my dad there was no way he was going to let me openly cry about something.”