The Indigenous Teen Who Confronted Trudeau About Unsafe Water Took On the UN

Autumn Peltier is 15, Indigenous, and fighting for everyone around the world to have clean drinking water.


The Climate Is at a Tipping Point. We Need Stories From the Front Lines

The people affected first and worst by the climate crisis are often the least likely to have their stories told. With your help, Tipping Point aims to change that.


Protesters Chased Mitch McConnell from a Restaurant Chanting 'Turtle Head'

The group shouted at the Senate Majority Leader about the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.


This Teenager Made History and Pissed Off Racists Everywhere

Zyahna Bryant wrote the petition that sparked the movement against the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville. A year later, violent racists held the tragic Unite the Right rally.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Florida braces itself for Hurricane Matthew, Drake postpones upcoming shows due to an ankle injury, and more.


Our New Special 'TERROR' Investigates the Five Biggest Terrorist Groups

The five-part series investigates the origins and impact of al Qaeda, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, and the Islamic State.


Inside the Tense Conflict Between Germany's Coal Miners and Climate Activists

VICE Germany heads to the Rhineland, where clashes are taking place between the region's coal miners and climate activists want to find a cleaner energy solution for the country.


The Extraordinarily Dangerous Life of a Social Media Activist Taking on Mexico’s Narcos

A Facebook fan page with 615,000 followers is the narcos' ultimate enemy in Tamaulipas, Mexico, but the dangers posed to activist administrators, and those around them, make every post a risk.


I Spent 24 Hours with Greenpeace During Their Latest Illegal London Action

I joined the group as they wheeled a polar bear the size of a double-decker bus in front of Shell HQ.


UK Students Are Calling Bullshit on Universities for Not Living Up to Their Marketing

The real "student experience" is increasingly at odds with the image sold by universities—so student activists are demonstrating.


Citizen Initiatives Are Helping to Save Migrants in the Mediterranean

Since EU leaders seem more concerned with keeping refugees out than helping them survive the perilous journey from North Africa to Europe, self-funded groups have taken to patrolling the waters in a bid to save lives.


Toronto Police Chief Bragged About Monitoring Protesters and Anonymous Is Pissed

Even if Blair's spying strategy is legally defensible, it doesn't mean it's the type of police tactic that rings true ethically.