Robert Downey Jr. Is Finally Getting Back to Serious Acting, Thank God

After spending ten years playing Tony Stark, it's time for the actor to return to what he does best.
Drew Schwartz
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An Entirely Serious Investigation: Which Group of Non-Rappers, Rap the Best?

Love Island contestants? Actors? Basketball players? We put them to the test.
Alex Ekong
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Now Roseanne Is Blaming Her Racist Tirade on Ambien

That was fast.
Drew Schwartz
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'Grace and Frankie' Star June Diane Raphael Was Almost an Athlete Instead

The actor gave us a window into growing up and her experience at NYU.
June Diane Raphael
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Russell Crowe Is on the Market, and So Are All His Prized Possessions

He's auctioning off part of Denzel Washington's chair, prop horses from 'Gladiator,' and a protective thong to celebrate his divorce.
Drew Schwartz
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Here's What Hollywood Is Finally Saying About Harvey Weinstein

Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow, and Lena Dunham have condemned the tycoon's alleged abuses, but much of the industry is still silent.
Drew Schwartz
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Indiana Cops Actually Shot at a Guy Playing a Bank Robber in a Movie

The actor reportedly dropped his prop gun and screamed "it's a movie!" after cops fired at him.
Drew Schwartz

‘The Night Of’ Was a Step Forward, But for Who?

I couldn’t be happier for Riz Ahmed’s Emmy win, but it comes with a caveat.
Noel Ransome

People Told Us the Most Irrational Thing They Hate in Six Words

“Tiny legs, big ears. Stupid corgis.”
Anna Goldfarb
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Hilarious and Horrible Tales of Working on a Movie Set

“I've been shot in the face four times with a flamethrower, and I don't have any visible scars to speak of.”
Jesse Donaldson

Hollywood still sucks for people who aren't white, male, and straight

Josh Marcus
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'Baby Driver' Ansel Elgort Wants You to Listen to His EDM

The actor continues to multitask with his latest track, "All I Think About Is You."
Britt Julious