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Laura Jane Grace Listens to Deftones: “Are These Guys Actually Nu Metal?”

On the release of her adventurous new album, 'Bought To Rot,' we had the frontwoman listen to Deftones' bold third album, 'White Pony,' for the first time.
Josh Terry

An Interview with Steak Mtn. About His New Horror Novel, 'Hunchback '88'

Christopher Norris, the notoriously misanthropic artist behind bands like Against Me!, Atom & His Package, and United Nations, has penned a book about bodies coming apart.
Dan Ozzi
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Laura Jane Grace Ranks the Seven Against Me! Albums

The frontwoman looks back at one of the most beloved (yet most divisive) catalogs in modern punk.
David Anthony
Noisey News

Against Me! and Talib Kweli Feature on Chelsea Manning Benefit Album

‘Hugs For Chelsea’ aims to raise money for the former soldier, who was released from prison today.
Alex Robert Ross

How Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance Helped Me as a Gay Teen

The bands I worshiped in high school were fronted by gender-bending, guyliner-wearing, homoerotic antidotes to the American jock, and the music that helped me fit in would eventually help me come out as gay.
Tom Vellner
It's Lit

One Year and One Million Words with Laura Jane Grace

How two boxes of journals became a punk rock memoir.
Dan Ozzi
The Music Issue

Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout

While much of Laura Jane Grace's memoir, 'TRANNY,' deals with the nuances of everyday life as a transgender person, this exclusive excerpt indulges in full-on sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.
Laura Jane Grace with Dan Ozzi

What Makes Gainesville So Punk?

A new book explores the sleepy college town that incubated talents like Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music.
Allie Conti
Holy Shit

Space Out with Against Me!'s One-Take Video for "Crash"

Featuring kickass LED lights, lasers, and KISS makeup.
Noisey Staff

Daily Vice: Against Me! Have a New Record, Laura Jane Grace Smoked Weed to Celebrate

The punk singer tells a hella complicated tale about how to get weed on tour, too.
Noisey Canada Staff

Daily Vice: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! Hits a Dab—No, Not That One

The punk singer also (sort of) talks about her relationship with Beatrice Martin from Coeur de Pirate.
Noisey Canada Staff

Bands Tell Us About the Worst Places They’ve Woken Up In

Rotting crack houses, having your head used as a toilet, being a touring musician is pretty glamourous!
Graham Isador