The U.S. Wealth Gap Just Hit a Depressing 50-Year High

It's approaching levels seen in developing countries like Uganda and Nigeria.


This Is the Dumbest White House Scandal in History and Trump Can’t Let It Go

Welcome to Day Six of the stupid Alabama thing


A Guy Sued an Alabama Clinic Over His Girlfriend’s Alleged Abortion. A Judge Just Threw the Case Out.

Alabama's "fetal personhood" law makes lawsuits like this possible.


Tennessee's Radical Plan to Ban Abortion Is a Warning Sign for the Country

State lawmakers are taking a cue from Alabama's heavily restrictive abortion ban with legislation that would define life at conception.


Giving Fetuses Legal Rights Could Be a Nightmare for Women, Advocates Say

"This is a statute that arguably makes every criminal law applicable to the pregnant women."


Alabama Wants To Criminalize Something That Doesn't Even Happen In the State

Legislators aim to send doctors who don’t care for children “born alive” during an abortion to prison.


We Spoke With a Rape Survivor About Alabama’s New Abortion Ban: "There Are No Words"

"If I wasn’t able to have an abortion, that would be the end of my life."


Alabama Democrat’s Take on Abortion Law: “Some Kids Are Unwanted, so You Kill Them Now or You Kill Them Later”

His comments have the Right, including Donald Trump Jr., freaking out.


Alabama sheriff’s deputy attacks LGBTQ community after gay teen dies by suicide

"I'm seriously offended there is such a thing as the movement," the sheriff's deputy wrote in response to reports of the teen's death.


After Trump's Fast Food, Clemson Could Eat Like Kings for Life

The president offered fast food to the National Champion Clemson Tigers at the White House, but Michael Strahan, Quavo, and others have decided to one up that.


Alabama Player Hilariously Walks Back Shit Talk About Oklahoma QB

Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams stopped himself mid-sentence when he was about to drop a diss on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and pulled out of a nose-dive.


This Guy Broke Into a House Just to Clip His Toenails and Make Eggs, Cops Say

He also took a bath, washed his clothes, and brushed his teeth before the cops arrested him.