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Jon McKiel Is Just Trying to Find a Connection on New Album 'Memorial Ten Count'

McKiel is one of the few people brave enough to say he doesn't own a smartphone.
Matt Williams

Orphx's First Album in Five Years Was Inspired by Industrial Decay and Uncertainty of the Future

Stream the Canadian techno veterans' new LP 'Pitch Black Mirror' and read an interview with Christina Sealey and Richard Oddie.
Daryl Keating
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to Philly's Best Communist Rock Band, the Guests

They've given us their full album, according to their ability, for us to post, according to our need.
River Donaghey and Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: I'm Aaron Carter and This Pocket Hercules Album Sucks

VICE staffer River Donaghey is releasing an album with his band Pocket Hercules next week, so we asked Aaron Carter, of "That's How I Beat Shaq" fame, to give the record a listen. He didn't like it.
Aaron Carter
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Stream Exhumed's New Album, 'Gore Metal: A Necrospective'

The band recently re-recorded their seminal 1998 album because the original lacked the sonic depth and pure metal aggression that they were going for.
Charlie Ambler

Leapling's New Album Gives Me Hope for Rock Music

The album is tastefully weird and complex, but manages to stay unpretentious. It's a nice reminder that you can still experiment without sounding shitty and indulgent.
Charlie Ambler
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Stream Nacho Picasso x BSBD's Full Upcoming Album, 'Stoned & Dethroned'

Nacho and production duo Black Sky Black Death just sent us their fourth collaborative album, and they sound sicker than ever.
Charlie Ambler

Fall Into the Endless Oblivion With Pharaoh's New Album 'Negative Everything'

Check out a full stream of Pharaoh's new album 'Negative Everything.'
John Hill