Alek Minassian


Toronto Van Attacker Wanted ‘Beta Uprising’ to Inspire Other Attacks

The unsealed transcripts of Alek Minassian’s interview with police reinforces that incel ideology was the motivation behind the attack.


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Toronto’s new sex doll brothel claims it will allow customers to act out violent fantasies in a safe way.


Alek Minassian charged with three more counts of attempted murder in Toronto van attack

Minassian is also facing 10 first-degree murder charges after he allegedly plowed a van into pedestrians on a busy Toronto street.


Alleged Toronto van attacker highlights toxic links between incels and the alt-right

Charged with killing ten people, Alek Minassian is thought to be part of a violent, toxic online subculture with a hatred for women.


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Eight of the 10 victims in the Toronto van attack were women

Police released the names and ages of all 10 victims on Friday.


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Several established conspiracy subcultures jumped at an opportunity to push media-discrediting agendas.


Here’s what we know about the victims of the Toronto van attack

A chef, single mother, and a cancer survivor were among those killed in Monday's carnage.


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Alek Minassian has drawn praise and condemnation from involuntary celibate men after allegedly killing ten people.


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A global terrorism tracker lists 183 incidents involving vehicles from 1970 to the end of 2016—122 of them since 2010.