Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.


Syria between ruin and reconstruction

A Canadian photojournalist captures scenes from Syria's second-largest city before reconstruction gets underway


What you need to know about the U.S. strikes on Syria

The U.S. carried out a surprise military strike on a Syrian government airfield late Thursday in retaliation for a deadly chemical attack blamed on Assad’s regime forces, winning cautious praise from its international allies and raising tensions with...


Bassel and The Supernaturals Face Syria's Urgent Crisis with Timeless Soul

Syrian-American musician Bassel Almandini translates his grief into soul, funk, and activism; stream his emotional new album


Inside a camp for Syrians fleeing the war in Aleppo

Thousands of civilians forced to flee Aleppo are now displaced within their own country. Many are trying to survive in the northwestern town of Azaz.


Residents of This Damascus Suburb Worry It Could Be the Next Aleppo

One of the strongest remaining rebel coalitions, Eastern Ghouta has endured frequent bombardment and shelling from regime forces and ally Russia.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama claims he could have won the election, rescuers find black box from Russian plane wreckage, Trump dismisses the UN as a "good time" club, and more.