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How Alice Glass and DVSN Continue to Evolve in the Face of Nostalgia

Red Bull Music Festival’s first stop in Toronto put a spotlight on the constant evolution of the R&B and electroclash artists' creative process.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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Alice Glass' Lawyers Say Ethan Kath's Case Against Her Is Over

Court documents acquired by Pitchfork also say that Glass received nearly $21,000 in attorney fees following a hearing on Wednesday.
Phil Witmer
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Alice Glass Says Ethan Kath's Defamation Suit Has Been Dismissed

The former Crystal Castles singer tweeted that she'd won against her ex-bandmate in court.
Phil Witmer
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Alice Glass Has Spoken Out Further About Her Former Bandmate Ethan Kath

In an interview with The Daily Beast, her first since Kath sued her for defamation, Alice Glass states "I refuse to be intimidated by him."
Lauren O'Neill
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Alice Glass' New Single "CEASE AND DESIST" Is a Rallying Cry

In her own words, Glass says it's "a call to arms for all survivors."
Lauren O'Neill
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Watch Alice Glass's Handheld Horror Video for "Forgiveness"

"Forgiveness isn't always a moral act, the way some religions portray it," the singer said in a statement.
Alex Robert Ross
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Report: Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath Is Under Investigation for Sex Crimes

A report by The Daily Beast confirms that a report is underway after "several women" reported Kath's alleged misconduct to the Toronto Police Service.
Alex Robert Ross
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Alice Glass Alleges Years of Abuse from Bandmate Ethan Kath Made Her Leave Crystal Castles

In a lengthy blog post, Glass claims Kath abused her psychologically and sexually from the time she was 15 years old. Kath denies the allegations.
Noisey Staff
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Surprise! Alice Glass Dropped a Solo EP While Nobody Was Looking

The self-titled collection is her first significant body of work since leaving Crystal Castles in 2014.
Lauren O'Neill
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Alice Glass Is Back with Her First New Song in Two Years

The return of the former Crystal Castles frontwoman on "Without Love" is very welcome indeed.
Lauren O'Neill

THUMP Mix: Alice Glass

We spoke to the former Crystal Castles frontwoman about shoplifting CDs, Trump's presidency, and her long-awaited solo album.
Max Mertens
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Skrillex Parties 'Great Gatsby'-Style with Kylie Jenner in Alexander Wang's Fall 2016 Collection Video

The clip also features cameos from former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass and G.O.O.D. Music also-ran Tyga.
Max Mohenu