Amber Rose

Black Women Making History

This Exotic Dancer Has Created an Empowering Space for Women

Mona Marie's Poletic Justice studio in the Bronx is a hub for activism and self-love.
Amirah Mercer
Important Questions Raised By...

Which Terrible Green Day Song Is 21 Savage Listening to Here?

21 21 21... guns.
Phil Witmer
New music

Kanye West's New Video for "Famous" Is Here in All its NSFW Goodness

All your favorite celebrities in their nude, waxy glory.
John Hill
Internet Exploring

Kanye West Played a New Track Called "Closest Thing to Einstein" Featuring Sampha Last Night

He also gave a speech about Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, and supporting Tidal.
Noisey Staff

Misogyny and Mr. West: Why I'm No Longer a Kanye Fan

There are much more crafty, interesting ways to be provocative than by trolling victims of rape, or attacking Taylor Swift or Amber Rose.
Kat George

Let's Be Honest, Straight Guys: We All Like Butt Stuff

The universal truth to emerge from the Kanye-Wiz-Amber Twitter beef is that while many straight guys like a finger up the butt, it's still taboo. I asked a few straight guys to talk about their own experiences with finger-blasting.
Rose Dalle

Kanye West Just Wants to Be a Human Being

Kanye West got into an insane Twitter argument with Wiz Khalifa today, but it's all part of West's return to normalcy after years spent in outer space.
Drew Millard

Charlamagne tha God is Hip-Hop's Nosiest Fan

We spoke to Charlamagne about whether or not he ever feels bad instigating drama and where exactly his beef with Drake comes from.
Slava Pastuk
Instagram Report

What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week: 3/14

  So Riff Raff took the Miley route for a hot second and looked 9000x better doing it because that bleach on his facial hair looks like he sneezed on his supply and that dad joke caption is everything.    Kind of like a lecture
Amalia Graziani