Doctors and Emergency Workers Tell Us About the Toll of Treating Gunshot Victims

After the NRA told doctors to stay in their lane on gun control, many spoke out about the visceral results of gun violence.
Jooyoung Lee
17 hours ago

Cross-Border Dispatches on the State of Cannabis Legalization

Massive profits and empty shelves followed legalization in Canada, while some US states are seeing a “bloodbath of prices” thanks to an oversupply of weed.
Manisha Krishnan
Randy Robinson
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US Politics Are Going to Get Worse Before They Get Better

Another mass shooting. Another presidential tantrum. Another white nationalist at the White House. And Robert Mueller in trouble.
Matt Taylor

Where Does ‘Right-Wing Populism’ End, and Fascism Begin?

Given what is happening in Brazil and the United States, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that a perfect storm is brewing.
Drew Brown
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Canada Is Not Safe from Donald Trump’s Attacks on Transgender Human Rights

There is reason to be concerned Canada’s conservatives could look to the south to find a convenient social issue to run on.
Abigail Curlew
The Power and Privilege Issue

Does Leveraging Whiteness in Corporate America Mean More Than Supporting Women of Color?

I spent a decade in corporate America learning that working with white women often meant learning how to work around them on my way up the next rung of the ladder. Here's what else I learned.
Minda Honey

‘Jack Ryan’ Introduces a New Archetype: The Guilty White Saviour

This trope will be haunting us for years to come.
Tari Ngangura

Michael Moore Is Threatening to Move to Canada

His new doc, 'Fahrenheit 11/9​', compares Donald Trump to Hitler, so planning a long trip might be a smart move.
Sierra Bein
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Jim Carrey School Americans On Canadian Healthcare

He made Bernie Sanders proud.
Manisha Krishnan

Inside the All-Women Training Camp Where Guns Are Sold As Empowerment

Hundreds of American women travelled to A Girl and A Gun conference in Texas to learn how to shoot in self-defence, protect their kids, and fire machine guns from a helicopter.
Manisha Krishnan

How Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' Skewers America's Racist Past and Present

The film draws on 70s blaxploitation to tell the true story of a black cop who infiltrated the KKK.
Arimeta Diop

An Immigrant's Photos of American Youth Give Us Hope for the Future

Czech-born artist Marie Tomanova's 200 portraits of diverse youth represent the "real America."
Kara Weisenstein